Zuo Ci

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Role Merchant
First Encounter In Search of the Immortal Wizard

Zuo Ci is a Merchant in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyZuo Ci is one of the two Merchants in the game, he sells using Accolades as currency. Merchants are special NPCs that allow the players to buy or sell different wares or pieces of Equipment. Players have to use one of the two available currencies to trade with them, either copper items wo long wiki guide 25Copper or accolade icon wo long fallen dinasty fextralife wiki guideAccolades.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zuo Ci Lore Information

Zuo Ci, courtesy name Yuanfang, is a Taoist hailing from the Lujiang Commandery. The leader of the Tianzhu Hermits, he is well versed in legends pertaining to Elixir and Demonic Qi, along with a diverse wealth of knowledge. He has spent years overwatching disturbances in Qi, and lately sensed a great imbalance of Qi, which he suspects Elixir to be the source of the anomaly. Fearing that a dissemination of Elixir could bring about disaster, he ordered his disciple, Hong Jing, to investigate. He can change his form to that of a crane with a wizardry illusion, allowing him to travel to remote locations and fend off enemy attacks. One can describe him as a nice old man with an upbeat disposition admired by all.

Intending to subdue the Aoye that had. appeared on Mt. Tianzhushan following the collapse of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Zuo Ci transformed into a crane, but found himself in peril when he had his leg caught by the beast. Realizing that he was able to escape unharmed thanks to the protagonist's intervention, Zuo Ci was convinced that he had finally found the chosen one, who, with the Genuine Qi he wields, would bring order to the world. He then swore an oath with the protagonist to serve as an advisor alongside Hong Jing. Upon sending Hong Jing and company to go after Zhang Rang, the source of the Elixir, Zuo Ci took the crane's form to survey from above, and eventually flew to Luoyang following the Elixir stolen by Dong Zhuo. He then sent the protagonist to a Demonic Qi—ridden Xiangyang, while he and Hong Jing hastened to Meiwu Fort in pursuit of a fleeing Dong Zhuo. Though the reunion at Meiwu Fort was not successful, he was delighted to learn that his erstwhile disciple, Hong Jing's brother, yet lived.

Suspecting Yu Ji to be behind the Battle of Guandu, Zuo Ci flew alone to the Demonic Qi-ridden battlefield. A final confrontation with Yu Ji ensued, in which he along with Hong Jing aided the protagonist by suppressing the maddened Xielong. Exhausted of all energy, Hong Jing fell off the fort, but Zuo Ci took flight to save her in time. With the aid of Zuo Ci and his disciple, the protagonist had finally prevailed over Yu Ji and Xielong once and for all. In the aftermath, Zuo Ci returned to his village to spend some time in peace with the Taoists. Upon hearing from Hong Jing that she wished to set out again with the protagonist to track down the last of the Demonic Qi, he was delighted at his disciple's maturation and wished her well on her way.


Where to find Zuo Ci in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zuo Ci is first encountered during the Mission called In Search of the Immortal Wizard, after that, he travels to the Hidden Village and stays there.

Zuo Ci can be found during Tyrant's Final Banquet mission.

Zuo Ci also appears at the end of the Preachers of the Dark Path mission. Speaking to him ends the quest.


Zuo Ci Services in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zuo Ci offers four options to the players when engaged. These options are:

  • Reset Parameters
  • Accolade Rewards
  • Character Creation
  • Interact


Reset Parameters

Players can ask Zuo Ci to reset their Parameters. If they feel they want to Build the character differently or, simply, try another Build altogether, players can interact with Zuo Ci to Reset your Parameters.

You can take any number of available points from one stat and allocate them all as you see fit. You may even decide NOT TO allocate all the points taken, "Deleveling" your character. 

Note that these points are not lost, and are shown to the left of the screen in the area where you can read "Undistributed Virtue". If you leave the interaction and don't distribute them, they will still be there the next time you select Reset Parameters.

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Accolade Rewards

 Zuo Ci sells a wide variety of Weapons and Consumables labeled under Items, Gestures, and three types of Box of Armor. Some of the Items Zuo Ci sells can only be found on his shop.



The following Gestures can be bought from Zuo Ci spending accolades:

Name Price
As you Were 1,000
Martial Salute  1,500 
Taoist Salute 1,500 
This Way 3,000 
Stroke Beard  4,000 
Wounded! 6,000
Sworn Brothers' Oath 4,000
Dance 8,000
Kung-Fu Stance II 3,000
Kung-Fu Stance III 4,000
Kung-Fu Stance IV 5,000
Kung-Fu Stance V 6,000
Kung-Fu Stance VI 7,000
Meditation 2,000
Sleep 1,000


Box of Armor

Players can buy Boxes of Armor from Zuo Ci. These boxes provide random equipment from the selected weapon or armor type

Bronze Box of Armor

Randomly obtain a 1✮ or 2✮ of the selected weapon or armor type. Small change of obtaining a 3✮.

Silver Box of Armor

Randomly obtain a 2✮ or 3✮ of the selected weapon or armor type. Small change of obtaining a 4✮.

Name Price
Sword 1,500
Straight Sabre 1,500
Curved Sabre 1,500
Glaive 1,500
Halberd 1,500
Staff 1,500
Hammer 1,500
Poleaxe 1,500
Spear 1,500
Slashing Spear 1,500
Dual Swords 1,500
Dual Sabres 1,500
Dual Halberds 1,500
Crossbow 1,500
Bow 1,500
Repeating Crossbow 1,500
Head Armor 1,500
Chest Armor 1,500
Arm Guards 1,500
Leg Guards 1,500

Gold  Box of Armor

Randomly obtain a 3✮ or 4✮ of the selected weapon or armortype.

Name Price
Sword 2,800
Straight Sabre 2,800
Curved Sabre 2,800
Glaive 2,800
Halberd 2,800
Staff 2,800
Hammer 2,800
Poleaxe 2,800
Spear 2,800
Slashing Spear 2,800
Dual Swords 2,800
Dual Sabres 2,800
Dual Halberds 2,800
Crossbow 2,800
Bow 2,800
Repeating Crossbow 2,800
Head Armor 2,800
Chest Armor 2,800
Arm Guards 2,800
Leg Guards 2,800


Character Creation

By selecting this option when engaging Zuo Ci, players are able to perform a full makeover of the character. They can change all appearance options, switch gender, change hair, or any of the options available.


The interact option allows players to talk with Zuo Ci.






Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zuo Ci Notes & Tips

  • The best farming tool in the game, can be fought from Zuo Ci, it is the weapon called Master Smith Hammer. It is considered the best due to its Special Effects, which increases the drop rate of items. Players can equip it as a secondary weapon, while dealing with Enemies and Bosses with their primary one, but also receiving the bonus of the Master Smith Hammer, thus boosting the chances of obtaining better loot.
  • Additional notes for Zuo Ci go here.




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