Jia Xu

Morale 20
Mission Akin to Liang and Ping
Drops The Annotated Wuzi
Parts of Astuteness Set
Weak Fire, Metal, Wood (build up)
Resistant Metal (damage)
Immune N/A

Jia Xu is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Jia Xu in Wo Long is a Human type boss and one of the Chinese warlords, that confronts the protagonist while he searches for Cao Ang, Cao Cao's son. Jia Xu can be encountered during the following mission Akin to Liang and Ping in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


 A Chinese warlord, in search for Cao Ang.

Wo Long Jia Xu Boss Information  

Jia Xu is a Human Boss found in Akin to Liang and Ping.

  • This boss is optional in the sub mission encounter.
  • There are no reinforcements by default in this sub mission.
  • Health: __hp__


Wo Long Jia Xu Mission

Jia Xu can be first found in the post game sub mission Akin to Liang and Ping.


Wo Long Jia Xu Drops

Jia Xu will drop the following resources upon defeating him:

  • The Annotated Wuzi
  • Parts of Astuteness Set


Wo Long Jia Xu Boss Guide

Jia Xu Boss Video Guide

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Wo Long Jia Xu Fight Strategy 

Upon entering the arena, you will see Jia Wu and 2 soldiers by his side. Start be defeating them to make your battle with Jia Xu easier. Jia Xu has a few notable attacks, to which he performs Star Fall, Drifting Cloud, and Meteoric Strike. Star Fall allows Jia Xu to leap high and forcefully slash downwards dealing damage. Drifting Cloud allows Jia Xu to swiftly swing his sword upwards and jump back, this attack deals damage in the melee range. Meteoric Strike allows Jia Xu to perform a quick attack with his sword. Players can dodge, block, or deflect all these attacks.

His other attacks involve a sword combo as well as a smoke projectile. Jia Xu swings his sword at you twice, but the combo can be broken if you deflect it. Jia Xu will also release a smoke projectile that will cover an area of the arena that deals damage, so players will need to dodge out of the AoE.The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Jia Xu:

  • Start with eliminating 2 soldiers.
  • Prepare Fire Phase spells to 5-phase counter his Metal Phase attacks
  • Like in case of most human-type encounters in Wo Long, Metal + Wood + Fire combo will make this fight easier.

Jia Xu Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
  Fatal Strikes
Star Fall Jia Xu leaps high and forcefully slash downward Deflect for massive Spirit Damage
Drifting Cloud Jia Xu swing swiftly his sword upwards and jump back
Meteoric Strike Jia Xu perform a quick attack
Regular attacks   
Toxin Bubbles Jia Xu releases bubbles of poison to the front. Bubbles will burst and create a poison bog when they hit enemies or terrain. Use Fire-related spells to 5-phase counter the spell
Miasmic Curse Jia Xu releases a projectile, that travels around the arena and releases a poisonous fog.
Noxious Bubbles Jia Xu releases bubbles, that explodes when touches
Sword Combo  Jia Xu will swing his sword at you twice   Deflect to stop the combo
Smoke projectile Jia Xu releases a smoke projectile that will cover the area and deals damage if players linger in the smoke. Dodge out of the AoE


Jia Xu Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Oh... I see you managed to sneak your way in. Did you actually think you would go unnoticed for long? Thanks to my strategy, the city is now completely under my control! Very well... Bear witnerss to the superiority of my strategy.

During Fight:
  • How did you...?
  • Hmm... You have decent skills...
  • You have exceeded my expectations...
  • To think Cao Cao has such a warrior under his command...!
After Fight:

You fight like one possessed, as if driven by some greater destiny. It shall be interesting to see what deeds you accomplished... Well then, be on your way.


Jia Xu Image Gallery

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