Zhu Yan is a Boss and Enemy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhu Yan in Wo Long is a Demon-type enemy and boss, that resembles a white-furred gorilla with blood red claws and is found for the first time in Two Chivalrous Heroes. Later, player can encounter this demon in multiple Missions (both Side and Main) in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


The Zhu Yan is a huge ape-like demon.

Zhu Yan Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhu Yan is a Demon Boss found in Two Chivalrous Heroes.


Wo Long Zhu Yan Mission

Zhu Yan in Wo Long can first be found in the mission Two Chivalrous Heroes. It then appears later in Tale of Guiguzi and again in The Crouching Dragon's Trial. It also appears as a non-Boss opponent in the following missions:


Wo Long Zhu Yan Drops

Zhu Yan in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

Tale of Guiguzi

The Crouching Dragon's Trial

 On NG++, Zhu Yan may drop one of these Hidden Tomes upon defeat:

Wo Long Zhu Yan Boss Guide

Zhu Yan Boss Video Guide

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Zhu Yan Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Zhu Yan:

  • Highly suspectible to Water-related spells
    • Sneak spirit attack with a Water-enhanced weapon will deal a significant damage. 
  • Zhu Yan is a highly mobile boss with strong melee capabilities. At half health, it powers up and enhances it's attacks. Many of it's attacks have telegraphed wind-ups, making it easier to counter attacks and stay aggressive and giving you more opportunities to land Fatal Strikes.


Zhu Yan Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Corkscrew Zhu Yan jumps back, it's abdomen glowing red. It then raises it's legs forward and dashes forward, spinning like a corkscrew. Be careful as this move can travel across the whole arena. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage.
Strong Pound Zhu Yan winds up one of it's arms, then performs a powerful punch on the person in front of it. If successful, drags target on the ground and throws behind him.
Regular Attacks
Roar Around 60% of  his max HP, Zhu Yan roars recharging his morale indicating 2nd phase. Roar deals no damage, but can be countered for few three hits
Pound Zhu Yan pounds both his arms in front of him up to three times, dealing damage in a small aoe.  Deflect to build up Spirit Damage or guard to avoid damage
Tail Sweep Zhu Yan rotates and attacks with his tail
Swipe Zhu Yan does a 180, swiping his arms as he turns doing damage in a a wide arc around him. Usually performs this move after his triple arm pound.
Stone Throw Zhu Yan throws several stones dealing Earth Damage Deflect to avoid chip damage


Zhu Yan Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • The Zhu Yan is a huge ape-like demon. It is described in the western mountain section of the Classic of Mountains and Seas as being white-necked, red-legged, and living on Mt. Xiaocishan where white gemstones and copper can be found. Its appearance is said to herald the coming of a ruinous war, and so it is feared as an ominous creature. A taoist of the Yellow Turbans had tamed it through the use of elixir, and used it to kill Gongsun Zan's scouts on the mountain, as well as Zhao Yun's subordinate.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



This boss has no dialogue


Zhu Yan Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Biggest tip I can give for this fight is stand right in front on him and BLOCK his regular attacks, then attack him in the windows between his combos. Only worry about deflecting his fatal attacks. I was nowhere with this boss until I stopped trying to deflect his regular attacks.

      • Anonymous

        he´s pretty weak against stone. Imposing slab will melt him with enough stone attack and stone damage.

        In NG+ in Tale of Guiguzi I have ~400 Stone Attack ~+13% stone damage, I buff myself with Amplify damage run behind him when he spawns use life withers and 2 imposing slabs, wait, he will then use is aoe thorn attack thing everytime deflect that and 2 (if a pillar of one Imposing Slabs missed you need 3) Imposing Slabs and he´s dead no fatal strike needed.

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