Blindfolded Boy

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+)
Mission The Crouching Dragon Roars
Drops Divine Beast Yinglong (NG)
None (NG+)
Weak Counter/Deflection
Resistant All Elements
Immune N/A

Blindfolded Boy is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long is a Human type boss. He is first encountered at the start of the game, acting as your guide while learning the mechanics of the game. The Blindfolded Boy is later possessed by Yu Ji and is the final boss fight during The Crouching Dragon Roars in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


The boy disappeared from the village while the protagonist was resting, only to return after some time with a disturbing grin on his face. His consciousness had been taken over by Yu Ji.

Blindfolded Boy Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Blindfolded Boy is a Human Boss found in The Crouching Dragon Roars.

  • This boss is NOT optional


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Blindfolded Boy Lore

The Blindfolded Boy is a young man whose true identity is unknown. He currently resides in a small mountain village located in Langya Commandery, Xu Province. He turned up at the village after fleeing the fires of war that devastated his home. Although he has no family to rely on, he is on good terms with the villagers and manages to live a simple life despite the world remaining rife with conflict. He has a calm demeanor and keen intellect beyond his young years, meaning he isn't easily fazed. He is not fond of violence but will take up arms to protect himself.

In the chaos of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the once—peaceful mountain village fell victim to raiding bandits. The boy and the villagers he fought bravely alongside were saved in their darkest hour by the protagonist. After succumbing to wounds he sustained while protecting the boy, the protagonist was resurrected through the power of the Jade. Together with the protagonist, they fought fiercely to defeat Zhang Liang, the General of Man, and his group of bandits. However, a Taoist in black disguised as the protagonist injected the boy with Elixir, turning him and his Divine Beast Yinglong into a demon. Now transformed into Xielong, he then threw the protagonist off a cliff.

Thanks to the remaining power left in the boy's lade, the protagonist was able to return to life after being killed by Xielong. After that, word spread of the Taoist in black appearing across the land atop Xielong. In Luoyang, the Demonic Qi that flowed through the city was used to create Elixir and summon Taotie. Having realized that the Divine Beast Yinglong was the key to perfecting the Elixir, the Taoist in black had turned it into Xielong to aid him in achieving his quest for eternal life. Xielong and the protagonist crossed paths numerous times, but their encounters were not enough to bring the boy back to his senses.

As the Battle of Guandu broke out, the Taoist in black, who was now revealed to be Yu Ji, made his way to the battlefield riding upon Xielong. His intention was to have Xielong absorb the massive quantity of Demonic Oi amassing over the battlefield in order to create the Ultimate Elixir. However, his plan was foiled by the protagonist. The desperate Yu Ji then produced an imperfect Elixir and coalesced with Xielong. With the sheer power of the Elixir, Xielong overwhelmed the protagonist, but at last fell before the protagonist's sword, which carried the blessings of all the Divine Beasts. Losing ties with Xielong, Yu Ji vanished, and the boy, now returned to his original form, traveled with the protagonist back to the mountain village in Xu Province.

The boy disappeared from the village while the protagonist was resting, only to return after some time with a disturbing grin on his face. His consciousness had been taken over by Yu Ji. A vicious fight between the two broke out, with the protagonist hesitating to deliver a fatal blow. The protagonist was finally able to strike after the boy broke through Yu Ji's control to offer words of encouragement. By virtue of the bond shared between them, Yinglong was restored to existence, consuming Yu Ji's Demonic Qi in the process. The boy swore an oath with the protagonist while basking in the radiant glow of Yinglong. With his newfound bravery instilled in him by the protagonist, he could clearly see his fate laid before him.


Wo Long Blindfolded Boy Mission

Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long can be found in the mission The Crouching Dragon Roars.


Wo Long Blindfolded Boy Drops

Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

  • Divine Beast Yinglong (fully upgraded).


Wo Long Blindfolded Boy Boss Guide

Blindfolded Boy Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Blindfolded Boy Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Blindfolded Boy:

  • Moves that help close the distance, such as Whistling Vortex, will help you keep being aggressive in this fight.
  • Boss is agile, therefore proritize speed over damage.
  • This boss will conjure spells of all elements
    • With proper spell set-up, can be used both to our and his advantage.
  • Chains his Fatal Strikes (outside Demonic Blast) up to 3 times, if previous strike was deflected.
    • Full chain of deflections will likely break his Spirit and leave him open for Spirit Attack
    • Very short window between first and second strike, medium between second and third, what can be used for Spirit Attack and potential Spirit depletion.


Being possessed by Yu Ji, the Blindfolded Boy will have some attacks you've seen in his boss fight and the fight against the Embodiment of Demonic Qi. The Blindfolded Boy mainly attacks with his sword, imbuing it with energies or simply performing basic slashes, but also has access to spells of multiple elements. He is both aggressive and evasive, giving you little room to deal damage of your own.

There are a few moves to take note of. One is a move where he glows red and flies up, then launches a large red orb of demonic energy towards you. Though you can dodge this hard-hitting move by running towards him, you'll actually want to be parrying this move. Doing so not only allows you to deal significant damage, but more importantly, this knocks him down for a few seconds, giving you a key window to get some big hits in.

Another move to look out for is when he flies up with his hands upwards and starts charging an attack. This can lead into one of three large AoE attacks, each dealing a different element. No matter the element, the AoEs tend to surround him, so run away from him when he's charging up this attack.

Finally, a move you need to be on the lookout for is the one where he glows red and raises the hand now carrying a sword. Following this, he does a short dash towards you and performs an unblockable attack, forcing you into an animation. This move deals significant damage and leaves you vulnerable after it. The dash for this move is quite short, so you should have no problem running away if you catch him charging up this move early. However, after he dashes, he lingers for a bit with his hand out and if you walk into his range during this time, you'll get caught by the attack anyway. Be wary of his movements and approach him only when you're sure he's done performing the move.

The Blindfolded Boy has a lot of variation in his attacks, but the attacks you really have to look out for don't have much variation, and can be predictable. Parry his moves as much as you can to deplete his spirit gauge and perform Fatal Strikes, and utilise gap-closing Martial Arts to give you more opportunities to attack when he evades.


Blindfolded Boy Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Demonic Blast Glows red and flies up with his hands up. After a short pause, he launches a large red orb of demonic energy towards a target. Can happen in conjuction with Clones. Counter for massive Spirit Damage (proper timing is tricky here, as wind up is slow, but projectile is fast)
Hand of Power Glows red and floats, raising his free hand. After a brief pause, dashes downwards towards the target with his arm out. If he manages to get in range, he forces you into an animation, dealing significant damage and restoring any lost Morale. Counter for massive Spirit Damage and prepare for another counter shortly after (if it was not the 3rd move in the chain).
Embodiment of Xielong's Wrath Blindfolded Boy rushes towards the player in a form that representes Xielong, Yu Ji's Dragon
Drifting Cloud Blindfolded Boy performs a strong attack with a movement backwards
Iron Calf Blindfolded Boy brings his weapon down forcefully.
Beckoning Pine Blindfolded Boy performs a strong horizontal slash attack. Can happen in conjuction with Clones.
Swift Lightning Blindfolded Boy performs a strong horizontal thrust attack
Gouging Star Blindfolded Boy spin his weapon around in one hand while advancing forward.
Regular non-elemental attacks
Passive Buff Boss buffs himself with a spell, that increase his poise. In this state will not flinch, if hit by player.
Note: Boy has this buff active at the beginning of the fight 
Note 2: Buff also repairs Spirit Damage caused to Blindfolded Boy.
Perform Fatal Strike to dispell the buff
Clones Blindfolded Boy clones himself 2 times, which then attacks the target. Always happens in conjuction with Fatal Strikes. Block/Counter the clones and prepare for Blindfolded Boy attack.
Parry Stance Not a direct attack, but will counter all melee attack in this state (indicated by raised sword) Avoid attacking, when Parry stance is telegraphed
Advancing Slash Performs a dash, followed by a sword slash. Usually performed from range. The dash is telegraphed, parry the attack.
Starlight Blade Throws spectral swords that home into the target. Block, as blades does little Spirit Damage and pure physical only.
Starlight Blade - Evasive Evades and flies up. Throws spectral swords that home into the target. Block or Parry,
Spinning Sword Flies up, imbuing his sword with white and black particles. Follows up by flying into the target, spinning with his sword dealing multiple hits. Parry or dodge away.
Regular Elemental-related attacks
Agressive Buff (all) Blinded Boy conjures a weapon to inflict damage related to one of the elements and use attacks related to chosen element. Use Wuxing philosophy to dispell the buff
Corrosion Explosion (Metal) Floats with his hands up, charging up an attack. Green mist appears on the ground in certain areas of the arena. After a while, poison clouds erupt from the ground on the indicated areas. Move out of the targeted areas.
Fireball Barrage (Fire) Floats and conjures 3 homing fireballs, which then he launches at target Deflect all of them to avoid chip damage or run to the side.
Fireball Shotgun (Fire) Blinded Boy launches few smaller fireballs, which leaves sparks and explodes on impact Run away or deflect
Massive Fireball Shotgun (Fire) Blinded Boy launches few larger fireballs, which leaves sparks and explodes on impact Run away, deflect only if there is not choice
Heaven's Rage (Wood) Floats with his hands up, charging up an attack. Lightning appears on the ground in certain areas of the arena. After a while, heavy lightning bolts strike the ground on the indicated areas. Move out of the targeted areas.
Earthquake (Stone) Floats with his hands up, charging up an attack. Rock particles and faint lights appear on the ground in certain areas of the arena. After a while, large rock formations erupt from the ground on the indicated areas. Move out of the targeted areas. Can be deflected, but timing has to precise.
Ice Barrage (Water) Blindfolded Boy conjures several icecicles, which either goes after target or in a straight line Move to the side
Ominous Chill (Water) Blindfolded Boy conjures several icecicles to fall from above him. Move outside target zone


Blindfolded Boy Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Blindfolded Boy: Do not stay your blade. The only way to defeat him is by cutting me down.

During Fight:

Yu Ji: The dragon's elixir Field gives me ultimate power!

Yu Ji: As long as I am a dragon host, my spirit is eternal!

After Fight:

Blindfolded Boy: There is no time to waste. Do what must be done.


Blindfolded Boy Image Gallery

blindfolded boy introduction blindfolded boy explanation blindfolded boy duel blindfolded boy taunting blindfolded boy countered blindfolded boy demonic fireball blindfolded boy corrupted xielong blindfolded boy fatal strike blindfolded boy poison poolsblindfolded boy aerial blindfolded boy finished blindfolded boy pierced blindfolded boy pierced 2 blindfolded boy yu ji stunned blindfolded boy yinglongblindfolded boy retrospection 2 blindfolded boy retrospection blindfolded boy retrospection 3 blindfolded youth [screenshots and artwork go here]


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