The Crouching Dragon Roars is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is the game's final Main Mission and is recommended for level 93. The Crouching Dragon Roars tasks players with returning to meet with the Blindfolded Boy. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
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 The Crouching Dragon Roars

Mission Start Text

The schemes of Yu Ji the Taoist in black have been ruined.

Along with the boy who has yet to awake, you return to the boy's home in the village where the two of you met.

The Crouching Dragon Roars Shitieshou Locations

The Crouching Dragon Roars Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

The Crouching Dragon Roars Golden Cicada Shell Locations

The Crouching Dragon Roars Battle Flag Locations

There is 1 Battle Flag in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found directly to your left when you load into the battlefield. This Battle Flag is already activated and does not give any additional Fortitude.

The Crouching Dragon Roars Marking Flag Locations


The Crouching Dragon Roars Walkthrough

Before the Boss Battle

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You will enter the battlefield with 20 Fortitude and the first and only Battle Flag can be found directly on your left. This is a short mission consisting only of a boss fight. Prepare yourself at the Battle Flag, then head forward following the path. When you drop down the ledge onto the large open area, a cutscene will play, signaling the beginning of the encounter.


Boss: Blindfolded Boy

The Blindfolded Boy starts with 20 Morale, which drops by one every quarter of health you take from him. If he successfully pulls off the move where he forces you into an animation however, his Morale is restored back up to 20. This boss is quite aggressive and evasive, and so bringing Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells that help you close the distance can give you more windows to deal damage. There are certain moves that you'll want to counter to ease his aggressiveness. Learn more about him and how to beat him by reading his individual page. 

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After he is defeated, a lengthy cutscene will play. This will be followed by the credits, and then finally another cutscene. Afterwards, you'll be rewarded with a new Divine Beast - Yinglong - and it's upgrades, as well as a Dizi Flute among other items. You'll find yourself back at the Hidden Village and when you access the map from the Battle Flag, it'll inform you that you've unlocked a new difficulty - Rising Dragon.



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