Liu Bei

Demon Dragon Form

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) (both encounters)
Mission Behold the Glaive of Righteousness
Caliber of a Hero
Drops Set pieces of the Man of Benevolence Set
Pair Swords of Aspiration
Weak All elements (Human)
Fire, Metal, Water (Demon)
Resistant N/A (Human)
Earth, Wood (Demon)
Immune N/A

Liu Bei is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Liu Bei in Wo Long is a Human/Demon type boss and also one of your allies and is one of the Reinforcements you can acquire. However, he is captured later in the game's events and is forcibly turned into a demon by Yuan Shao. His bond with Qinglong merges him with the Divine Beast, taking on the form of a human/dragon hybrid and serving as the final boss in Behold the Glaive of Righteousness, a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

  •  See Liu Bei for his non-Boss details


 Liu Bei, courtesy name Xuande, is a general and politician hailing from the Zhuo County of Zhuo Commandery.

Liu Bei Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Liu Bei is a fought in his Demon Form in Behold the Glaive of Righteousness and in Human form during Caliber of a Hero.

Behold the Glaive of Righteousness Boss Battle:

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • Guan Yu and Zhang Fei join you as reinforcements for this boss fight
  • Health: TBC
  • Liu Bei is one of your ally and Reinforcement NPCs. He is forcibly turned into a demon by Yuan Shao and takes on the form of a bipedal Human/Dragon hybrid, while still wielding his signature dual swords.

Caliber of a Hero Boss Battle:

  • This boss is optional
  • You can summon a Reinforcement during this boss fight.
  • Health: TBC


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Liu Bei Lore

He claims to be a descendant of the king of Zhongshan State, Liu Sheng, who was the son of Emperor ling of the Former Han. His father died at a young age, leaving him to sell straw mats and sandals with his mother to get by. Lore has it that he would gaze at the mulberry tree in front of his house, dreaming of one day becoming emperor. At the age of fifteen, he was encouraged by his mother to study under the scholar Lu Zhi, where he rubbed elbows with many brave men. When the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, he decided to enlist in the militia with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The three pledged their lives to each other in the "Oath of the Peach Garden." He is a man of passion and justice who values encounters forged through bonds with others and the connections they share.

With the onset of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he had Guan Yu and Zhang Fei join the militia. Together, they stamped out the Yellow Turbans across the land, lifting citizens from their suffering. In this period, he was once wounded in a battle with Zhang Bao's forces encamped at Guigugou Valley but was saved at a crucial moment by the protagonist. Liu Bei enlisted the help of the protagonist, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, and together, they managed to claim Zhang Bao's head. After seeing the protagonist and company off to Guangzong, he continued to provide succor to the destitute and fought hard until the chaos was quelled. For his military successes, he was appointed as an officer of Anxi County in Zhongshan State. However, he soon abandoned his newfound honor out of disgust toward a corrup official he answered to, and took his brothers with him on the road of exile.

Sensing an impending crisis of tyranny by Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei decided to join forces with the anti—Dong Zhuo coalition formed by Guandong lords. At the Battle of Hulaoguan Pass, he gained great reputation when he fought alongside his sworn brothers in a raging battle against Dong Zhuo's elite general, Lu Bu. When fires broke out in Luoyang, while many lords left for their own interest, Liu Bei united with the protagonist to save the people of Luoyang. Following the disbanding of the coalition, he headed for Xu Province at the behest of the governor of Xu Province, Tao Qian. There, he worked for the subjugation of bandits rampant in the region among other accomplishments, winning the trust of Tao Qian. Liu Bei would eventually inherit Xu Province after Tao Qian's passing.

Liu Bei fought to defend Xiaopei after Lu Bu seized Xu Province, but soon gave into Lu Bu's relentless assaults, with Xiaopei falling into Lu Bu's hands among other cities. Wasting no time, Liu Bei enlisted the help of Cao Cao and the protagonist for a recapture operation. Upon defeating its guardian, Zhang Liao, he participated in Cao Cao's assault on Xiapi where Lu Bu awaited in order to return the favor. After the fall of Lu Bu, an unforeseen strike from Yuan Shao brought chaos among his allies, yet Liu Bei stood alone to face the demon army to buy time for the protagonist and company to escape. He was seen valiantly charging into the mass of demons and has not been heard of since then.

Liu Bei bravely fought the demon horde at Xiapi alone but was ultimately overpowered and captured by Yuan Shao's forces. Yuan Shao pressured him to renounce his vows of brotherhood and to follow him instead, but no amount of torture would coerce him. Once the final battle between Yuan Shao and Cao Cao began, he was sent to Yanj in, a fortified camp on the Yellow River, where he was subjected to hideous acts of torture, but he held strong. Afterwards, when the protagonist arrived with his sworn brothers to rescue him, he was injected with Elixir before their eyes, forcibly transforming him into an inhuman entity. He would fall before the protagonist in battle, but he would ultimately break free of the Demonic Qi's possession and survive, with the strong memories he had of his sworn brothers and the protagonist supporting him. Together with his brothers, he saw the protagonist off as he set forth for Guandu, now a den of demons, to ensure peace for the realm.


Where to find Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Liu Bei is fought as a boss in the following missions:


Liu Bei Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Liu Bei will drop the following items upon defeat:


Liu Bei Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Demon Form
Human Form


Liu Bei Boss Video Guide

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Liu Bei Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

demonized liu bei standing

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Liu Bei:

  • Before fight, equip armor with high Wood resistance to mitigate some damage.
  • Bring Poison Throwing Knifes to quickly inflict Metal. Alternatively, Water and Fire are a good call.
  • Equip any Metal-related offensive spell to make fight easier.
    • Most notably, Toxin Weapon for damage and Toxin Bubbles to make lightning waves a non-existing issue.
    • Metal-related build should equip Venom Snare, as it technically negates all Liu Bei Wood attacks, including Projectile Slash Fatal Strike
  • Guard is as important as deflection, since most of his attacks deal Physical damage only.
    • Deflection must be used when countering Lightning Waves (if player wants to receive no-damage title)
    • If player has Negate Attribute Damage upon Guard equipped on weapon, can guard some Wood-related attacks without receiving damage. 
  • Boss is very agile, therefore proritize speed over damage. 
  • Set "Focus on Target" to Enabled, so camera will follow Liu Bei as he likes to float in air a lot.
  • Standing in corner might help counter his maneuverability, as well as Lightning-related attacks.



When the fight starts, he will float high up into the air and release two lightning orbs on the ground. After a brief delay, each orb will release two rings of electricity in a staggered fashion which travel outwards from each orb, along the entire arena. You will need to time your jump carefully to avoid the rings.

His standard combo involves rushing in with double slash horizontal slashes followed by a single vertical slash, and then a final spinning slash each of these can be blocked but if you deflect with proper timing, you can stagger Liu Bei and stop the combo. His other prominent attack is his propeller slash move. Liu Bei assumes a low stance with both swords held to his left side before leaping upwards and rotating like a propeller his blades, he stays in the air for a split second before rotating one more time as he descends. You can dodge under him as he leaps to avoid the attack and then strike him from behind as he descends.

Periodically, he will slowly float straight upwards while glowing red. After a brief delay, he will release electricity in a large radius around him. Run away when you see him float like this. When he holds both swords to his right side, he is about to perform a rising uppercut followed by a diving slash towards one of you. The diving slash can be deflected for a good amount of spirit damage.

When he begins flying erratically around the arena, he is about to perform a Critical Blow in which he slashes several times while in the air, sending red wave projectiles towards you. Each one of these can be deflected and sent back to him for a huge amount of Spirit Damage. This is definitely the move you want to look out for as sending even one projectile back at him may be enough to stun him and allow you to perform a Fatal Strike.

With Guan Yu and Zhang Fei by your side, Liu Bei is relatively easy to overpower as his max Spirit is constantly being reduced by the frequent attacks from the three of you. This fight encourages being aggressive, frequently stunning the boss and deflecting the proper attacks in order to achieve victory.


Liu Bei Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Projectile Slash Liu Bei flies around the arena erratically before settling in a single position in the air. He then begins slashing 3 times, with each slash sending a beam of red, demonic wood energy towards his target. Inflicts wood damage if not countered. Deflect the first projectile to destroy the second and third to inflict major Spirit Damage and minor Wood Damage (or only first one, when player is under Liu Bei). Alternatively, use 5-phase Affinity with a help of Metal Spell with AoE (Area of Efffects) to negate all 3 slashes. 
Tail Uppercut Liu Bei flies down and tries to grab target with it's tail. If succeded, lift him up and slashes several times and finishes it with a punch to the ground. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage (timing is tricky there)
Regular attacks
Lightning Orbs Liu Bei floats high up into the arena and conjures Lightning Orbs, that tracks target and explodes near him dealing Wood damage. Counter or Guard (with proper set-up) to avoid damage. Alternatively, use any Metal-related spell to 5-phase counter orbs.
Multiple Spark Rush Liu Bei floats high up into the area and releases two (1st phase)/four (2nd phase) small lightning orbs in random locations on the ground. After a brief delay, each orb will release two rings of electricity in a staggered fashion which travel outwards from each orb, along the entire arena. Either Deflect or use Toxin Bubbles spell to create a "5-phase counter wall". Alternatively, jump over them, but keep in mind that Liu Bei perform a sword combo.
Standard Sword Combo Liu Bei rushes in with a horizontal double slash followed by a single vertical slash, and then a final spinning slash. Each slash can be blocked, but parrying is more effective as you can stagger the boss and stop the combo.
Propeller Slash Liu Bei assumes a low stance with both swords held to his left side. He then leaps upwards, rotating like a propeller with his blades extended to his side. He stays in the air for a split second before rotating one more time as he descends. Dodge under the boss as he leaps to avoid the attack and then strike him from behind as he descends.
Rising Uppercut Combo Liu Bei holds both swords to his right side and then performs a rising uppercut followed by a diving slash towards a target. Dodge away from the uppercut and deflect the diving slash if he targets you. A successful deflect will deal a good amount of Spirit damage.
Tail Attack Liu Bei uses his tail as a whip-type weapon to attack target. Always happens after either being downed by Fatal Strike counter or melee non-flying combo.   Guard to avoid damage.
Strong Slash + Lightning Wave Liu Bei holds his swords, then attacks ground before him and releases a Lightning Wave. When close, counter to place behind him for extra damage. When far, either counter to the side or 5-phase counter with any Metal spell.
Lightning Burst Liu Bei slowly floats straight upwards as he glows red. After a brief delay, he releases electricity in a radius all around him. Run away as he floats upwards.


Liu Bei Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Liu Bei: Yunchang, Yide ... Forget about me ... Run!

During Fight:

Zhang Fei: If you die here, then so do I!

Guan Yu: And leave you? No chance!

Zhang Fei: This is ridiculous! How could my brother be reduced to this!

Guan Yu: Have you forgotten the oaths we swore, brother?!

After Fight:

No dialogue.

Liu Bei Boss Video Guide

  • Video to be added


Liu Bei Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Liu:

  • Like in case of any regular human boss, focus on Martial Art deflection and quick elemental damage.
  • Metal-related spells will help negate his buffs.
  • Use the Whistling Vortex Martial Arts to easily stagger and deal massive damage.

Strategy Guide

At the start of the battle, do not attack immediately. Wait for Liu Bei to attack first as it will most likely interrupt any attack you try to do. Most boss fights will have the boss attack immediately once you approach them. Liu Bei will be using Wood Phase Spells during this fight as coat his weapons, Pair Swords of Aspiration, with lightning. Most of his attacks are quick in succession, but his range doesn't cover that much area. Keep your distance once you anticipate he's about to attack, then step in and strike when the opportunity arises. He can easily be staggered so if you try to spam him enough you can deal significant damage easily with him not having enought time to do a counter attack. Try using the Whistling Vortex Martial Arts to interrupt some of his moves and apply pressure and break his guard then deal a fatal strike.

His moves can be easily dodge as long as you keep your distance. Some can be deceptive as he wields two swords, sometimes he faints a single sword and uses the other one, sometimes he swings both at the same time. 


Liu Bei Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Buff Liu Bei buffs himself with one of Wood-related spells. Use Metal-related spell to dispell the buff
Sliding Slash Slides forward closing the gap, then swings his sword twice. Once he slides forward, dodge backwards to avoid both slashes.
Elegant Falling Strike Somersaults into the air before falling down and slashing his blade. Reposition yourself away from him when he starts to jump into the air.
5 Hit Combo Swings both his swords consecutively while advancing forward. The combination of attacks are fairly fast but he advances slowly during this move. You can back away and attack after the final slash.
Hurricane Slashes Rapidly swings both his swords in a frontal manner before ending with a horizontal slash. Stay away from him and once he ends with the horizontal slash, step in and perform your attack.
Frontal Cut Advances forward while performing a frontal "X" shaped slash. Dodge or block the attack.


Liu Bei Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




It is not for nothing that I have survived through these times of turmoil. Let me show you why!

During Fight:

Urf... There is such strength in your blows...

I commend you... But I will not yield!

I refuse... to give up...

After Fight:

A valor such as yours will see you achieve whatever your aim may be... I can only hope it rubs off on me.


Liu Bei Image Gallery

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        Spec metal and use venom snare. Keep hitting him with it and he will have a poison fog around him that counters his lightening.

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