Feng Xi

Demonic Boar

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) - Boss
varies - Enemy
Mission Two Chivalrous Heroes
Boss Drops Nameless Warrior Set
Weak Earth, Fire, Metal, Water
Resistant Wood
Immune N/A

Feng Xi is a Boss and Enemy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Bosses refer to unique and particularly powerful opponents, characterized by a much larger health pool, as well as attacks and movesets that require a greater deal of strategy to overcome. Feng Xi is a Demon type boss and appears as a gigantic undead boar. It uses wild dashes and earthshattering stomps to trample its opponents before skewering them with its massive tusks, stained crimson with blood.


The Feng Xi is a demon resembling a boar.

Feng Xi Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • This boss is not optional in the main mission encounter.
  • In succeeding Main and Sub Missions, Feng Xi appears as a normal or empowered enemy.


Where to Find Feng Xi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Feng Xi is encountered in the following Missions:


Feng Xi Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Feng Xi drops the following items upon defeat in the Main MissionTwo Chivalrous Heroes:

 On NG++, Feng Xi may drop one of these Hidden Tomes upon defeat:

Feng Xi Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Feng Xi Boss Video Guide

  • Video to be added


Feng Xi Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Feng Xi:

  • Unlock Unstoppable Force and Inner Breath Spells
  • Equip the Divine Beast Qilin before you fight this boss.
  • Make sure to discover all Battle and Marking Flags in the mission.
  • Bring Poison Throwing Knife - 4 knifes are enough to infflict Poison.
  • Equip Fire or/and Water related spell to increase damage
    • For low Fire Affinity build, Fire Pot will do the job just fine
  • Due to boss large size, spells with large number of projectiles are recommended

Strategy Guide

When fighting the Feng Xi, what you need to watch out for are its spiked tail and tusks. This demon beast will always turn and spin if you're near it so that it can hit you with its tail and tusks. A couple of attacks that you want to watch out for is when it aggressively charges forward, when it uses its tusk and swings its head forward four times, and if it telegraphs a fatal strike. The first two attacks can be easily blocked or avoided by dodging, and if it uses a fatal strike, be ready to use Deflect Counterattack.

You'll want to make sure you use Deflect Counterattack when you can so that you can easily break its guard and use a Fatal Strike. If you use a Fatal Strike, it unleashes a Demon's Rage AOE attack around it. Do not be too aggressive and remember to back away after each Fatal Strike and while it recovers. You also have a Divine Beast, Qilin, ready to use. And by using the divine beast's skill, Qilin's Earthquake, this summons Qilin to create multiple stone pillars in front of you, making it a good skill to use when you're near it. Watch its moves and repeat the process to defeat the demon boar.


Feng Xi Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Body Slam Feng Xi stands on back legs and tries to land on target with it's belly Counterable with Deflect Counterattack.
Grab Feng Xi charges with attempt to grab target. If successful, chews it for few seconds and tosses away,
Regular attacks
Charging Attack Stomps on the ground and charges forward like a bull. This can be blocked to mitigate the damage or you can dodge roll to the side.
Tail Swing The spikes on its tail can cause damage. Avoid it by dodging when it swings its tail or block to mitigate the damage.
Aggressive Turn Spins and turns in place, using its tusk and tail to hit anyone who is close. Avoid it by dodging or block to mitigate the damage.
The Boar's Tusks Uses its tusk and swings its head forward four times. You can block it to mitigate the damage, dodge back, or to dodge roll at the right moment.
Dance of the Boar Gallops around like a horse and tries to stomp on you. Avoid it by dodging or block to mitigate the damage.
Demon's Rage This only happens if you use a Fatal Strike against the demon. A red AOE field will appear around it when it recovers from the Fatal Strike. Move away from the radius of the AOE or move away after you use a Fatal Strike and wait for it to finish releasing the AOE blast.


Feng Xi Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • It features in Chinese mythology as a symbol of wanton violence and greed. Its appetite is insatiable, and it will lay total waste to farmland, devouring livestock and people too slow to escape. It had been tamed by Zhang Bao, General of Earth and kept caged at Mt. Dongshan's execution ground. Those who defied the Yellow Turbans were brought to the ground and exposed to the Feng Xi's wrath. These murders considered by Zhao Ban to be sacrificial rituals in the name of the divine Taiyi.
  • The Feng Xi first appeared in the time of Emperor Yao (one of the legendary Five Empereors), and sowed terror as it rampaged across the land with its immense bulk and deadly tusks. A valiant few stood against it, but they could not penetrate the demon's thick, demonic qi-coated hide. The Chu Ci anthology claims it was captured after the hero Yi, on orders of Emperor Yao, pierced its legs with arrows. The Western Han period work Huainanzi coined a Chengyu idiom that compares cruel people or countries with boars and snakes, and this was partly inspired by the Feng Xi.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



This boss has no dialogue.


Feng Xi Boss Image Gallery for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

feng xi [screenshots and artwork go here]


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    • I only had access to Blasting Flare but that was enough. Dont bother wasting copper on Fire Pots, any Fire spell should be sufficient.
      Get him to Burn status and wail away. Be aware of his charging non-critical attack, he will quickly turn around and instantly continue his charge. Throw a few flame spells his way while burned to prolong the status effect.

      • using the spirt midway through the fight tore through his hp like nothing, use it, also abuse red attacks and hit, he has slow windups, i used wizardy spells to take his hp away, main one was fire attacks

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