Cao Cao

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+)
Mission Green Plum, Warm Liquor
Drops Set pieces of the Unscrupulous Hero Set
Heaven's Reliance
Weak All elements
Resistant N/A
Immune N/A

Cao Cao is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Cao Cao in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Cao Cao is one of your NPC allies and one of the mission reinforcements available, but is fought as a boss in a friendly duel during the Green Plum, Warm Liquor mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • See Cao Cao for his non-Boss details.


Your heroics oft remind me of a dragon. But what do you know of a true dragon?
It is said that a dragon destined for the heavens first hides itself far from sight.
The hour has come for you to reveal your true power. Show me how mighty you really are!

Cao Cao Boss Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long's Cao Cao is a Human Boss found in the Green Plum, Warm Liquor mission.

  • This boss is optional
  • You cannot summon reinforcements for this fight
  • Health: TBC
  • Also an ally and NPC Reinforcement. Defeating Cao Cao as a boss will award pieces of his armor, as well as his weapon, Heaven's Reliance and the accessory A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Cao Cao Lore Information

Born to Cao Song, whose foster father was Chief Eunuch Cao Teng, he grew up alongside children of rank in the capital. In his youth he was a companion of Yuan Shao and lived an active but unruly life, earning a less than favorable reputation in the process. However, a famous personage appraised him thus: "In peace you are an able subject, in chaos you are an unscrupulous hero." Cao Cao is known for his flexibility and ability to accept the truth, no matter how unusual or distressing it may seem. On the other hand, he is highly suspicious, and some of his actions have been widely criticized as arrogant and merciless.

When the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, the Imperial Court lifted restrictions on the liberties of so-called "partisans" and reinstated banished scholars, as part of their effort to restore order. At this time, Cao Cao had fallen from the court's favor after he had imposed the death penalty on an important eunuch's relative while stationed in northern Luoyang. Nonetheless, he was given the post of cavalry commandant and led imperial forces tackling the rebellion. After achieving a great success at Yingchuan, he came up against the main force of the Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven at Guangzong while his own forces were depleted. The battle was heading for a stalemate when Cao Cao encountered the protagonist, and quickly ascertained that this person was no mere militia soldier.

After the Yellow Turban Rebellion had largely collapsed, the Imperial Court set up the Army of the Western Garden to deal with the ongoing chaos caused by the scattered remnants. Cao Cao's exploits had been rewarded with promotion, and the protagonist reunited with him in the capital Luoyang. The threat posed by elixir was evident to Cao Cao, and so he teamed up with the protagonist and Yuan Shao to infiltrate the residence of the Chief Eunuch Zhang Rang. Passing through a secret route, they entered an elixir laboratory beneath Luoyang and battled with Zhang Rang. After their victory, Cao Cao was instilled with renewed resolve, and swore an oath with the protagonist. However, the elixir they were after had already been taken.

Seeing the hold Dong Zhuo had gained on the capital, Cao Cao fled and set about building up an army. His forces were centered on the Cao and Xiahou families and fought valiantly as part of the coalition against Dong Zhuo. However, the coalition failed in its objective and fell apart. Cao Cao then reorganized his forces, and, recruiting without regard to background, expanded his numbers by bringing Qing Province's Yellow Turban remnants under his control. In the meantime, Lu Bu had slain Dong Zhuo and taken possession of his cache of elixir. A clash between Cao Cao and Lu Bu ensued, and the former was on the back foot. Cao Cao allied with Liu Bei, who had been driven from his base in Xu Province, and their alliance overcame Lu Bu, but they were then set upon by Yuan Shao's forces, who, having been bolstered by Yu Ji's sorcery, overwhelmed them. Cao Cao thus lost vast swathes of territory and the elixir he had only just obtained.

Outmatched by Yuan Shao's army of demons, morale in Cao Cao's camp plummeted as his allies folded one after the other and switched allegiance. Seeing no other option, Cao Cao staked everything on an all—or—nothing showdown with Yuan Shao at Guandu. With Yuan Shao's demons having gained yet more strength from elixir, the battle was in the balance, but was miraculously won through the desperate efforts of his troops and the protagonist's party. With Yuan Shao defeated, the elixir previously held by Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu fell into the hands of Cao Cao, who also claimed the Hebei region plus his lost territory. This increased his power severalfold and positioned him as the lord most capable of claiming dominion over the land.


Where to find Cao Cao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cao Cao is fought as a Boss in the following Missions:


Cao Cao Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cao Cao will drop the following resources upon defeat:


Cao Cao Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cao Cao Boss Video Guide

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Cao Cao Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Cao Cao:

  • Start with inflicting Poison.
  • Use weapons with heavy-hitting or multi-hit Martial Arts skills like the Unparalleled Spear's unique skill Whistling Vortex.
  • Cao Cao is vulnerable to the Shock status effect which can be inflicted by lightning spells from the Wood Phase tree.
    • However, as in all human-type encounters, all elements will prove useful.
  • Do not fight inside the pavilion as it will severely reduce your maneuverability. Instead, fight him in the open area in the bamboo forest.

This fight rewards being aggressive. Cao Cao wields a sword and blocks a lot, so take advantage of this and use heavy-hitting or multi-hit Martial Arts in order to quickly deplete his spirit gauge and stun him. Alternatively, you can wait for him to finish a move and then strike during his recovery frames. As a human opponent, he is also vulnerable to Shock from Wood Phase Spells and effects which will reduce his Spirit Gauge, allowing you to more easily stun him for a Fatal Strike.

Cao Cao has a standard fencing combo involving several thrusts and slashes. Additionally, if you maintain your distance, he will chase after you and perform a jumping cleave which has next to no horizontal hit-box and can be sidestepped easily, and then punished as he recovers.

His most prominent move is a spinning slash Critical Blow where he raises his sword as he glows red, and then quickly performs a 360 degree slash, hitting twice. Both hits can be avoided by jumping at the right time, or you may deflect and counter it as well but the timing can be deceptively quick. Another Critical Blow he uses is a dashing slash which has decent range, but once again can be jumped over, leaving Cao Cao open for a counterattack. 

Aside from these moves, Cao Cao should not put up much of a fight as long as you are being aggressive and constantly breaking his guard. Make liberal use of your Martial Arts as well as your Divine Beasts as just the act of summoning a beast will stagger him briefly.


Cao Cao Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Dawning Sky Cao Cao lunges forward to perform a slashing attack, then jump into the air. Deflect for Spirit Damage
Spinning Slash Critical Blow Cao Cao raises his sword above his head as he glows red, and then quickly performs a 360 degree slash that hits twice.
Swift Lightning Cao Cao holds his sword to his side as he glows red, and then dashes forward a good distance with a powerful slash.
Drifting Cloud Cao Cao Swiftly swing his weapon upward and jump back.
Regular attacks
Zhuque Resonation Cao Cao calls Divine Beast Zhuque to aid him in the duel. His weapon is buffed and now deals additional Fire Damage. Back away, when Resonation is casted, then deflect to avoid chip damage.
Jumping Cleaver Used when you maintain your distance from him. Cao Cao chases after you and performs a short leap while cleaving downwards with his sword. The attack has next to no horizontal hit-box and can be sidestepped easily. Punish him as he recovers.
Fencing Combo Cao Cao's standard combo consists of a strong thrust, several small fencing stabs and then a spinning slash. Any hit in the combo can be deflected, which will put a halt to it.


Cao Cao Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Your heroics oft remind me of a dragon. But what do you know of a true dragon?

It is said that a dragon destined for the heavens first hides itself far from sight.

The hour has come for you to reveal your true power. Show me how mighty you really are!

During Fight:

When player Spirit is depleted: Hmph. And here I thought you were a great warrior.

When Cao Cao's Spirit is depleted: Ngh ... I wasn't expecting that.

When Cao Cao's attack is blocked: Perhaps a frontal attack is not the way here ...

When Cao Cao's HP is at 5%: Ugh, don't think that you've won just yet!

After Fight:

The flame that burns within you is almost blinding.

I have wholly underestimated you. Not so many possess the power to re-establish order to this land!

Think of what we could achieve if we were to unite our forces.


Cao Cao Image Gallery

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