Zhou Yu

Morale 20
Mission Zhou the Beautiful Youth
Drops Zhou the Gorgeous Youth Set
Mellow Chord
Sonorous Jade Flute

Zhou Yu is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhou Yu in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Zhou Yu is the strategist of the young tiger, both members of the Sun clan. Playesrs can choose to face Zhou Yu in the submission included in the Conqueror of Jiangdong DLC  Zhou Yu can be encountered during the following mission/s Zhou the Beautiful Youth in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


 Listen to Zhou Yu and bear witness to the determination fo the man who risked everything to assist his friend in overcoming hardships and achieving great accomplishements 

Zhou Yu Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhou Yu is a Human Boss found in Zhou the Beautiful Youth.

  • Is the boss optional: Yes
  • Are there reinforcements you can summon: No 


Wo Long Zhou Yu Mission

Zhou Yu in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Zhou the Beautiful Youth. It can also be found in the following missions:

  • TBD


Wo Long Zhou Yu Drops

Zhou Yu in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

  •  Zhou the Gorgeous Youth Set
  •  Mellow Chord
  • Sonorous Jade Flute


Wo Long Zhou Yu Boss Guide

Zhou Yu Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Zhou Yu Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Zhou Yu:

  • TBD

 The fight begins as soon as you approach. Zhou Yu wields a sword and deals with a number of melee combo attacks. He also has the ability to inflict Shock with his lightning attacks. With an aggressive approach, players will be able to stagger him and potentially deal a backstab at the right position, dealing a large chunk of damage. Being relentless with your attacks will negatively impact his spirit gauge, giving you further openings for larger attacks. 

 This Strategy Guide is a Work in Progress

Zhou Yu Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Melee Combo A combination of swift melee advances dealt in a sequence  Continue to dodge back or block the incoming attacks until the full combo is over.  


Zhou Yu Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




I am grateful for the opportunity to fight... onward!

During Fight:

Your raw strength stands no match against my superior tactics. 

You just dropped your guard

Did I leave an opening? 

I have already accounted for this.

After Fight:

The subtlety of your skills... is truly admirable.

Bofu has often spoken of your extraordinary courage, and what I have just seen proves it. I am determined to assist a wise lord in pacifying the chaotic world and eradicating evil-doers... Your courage inspires me to continue striving toward that goal.


Zhou Yu Image Gallery

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