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Role NPC
First Encounter Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

Lady Zhen is an NPC in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyLady Zhen is a lady of wealthy origins found as a prisoner of Zhang Rang during Fall of the Corrupted EunuchNPCs are the various characters players will meet and interact with throughout their journey. These characters provide backstory or insight into the game's lore and surroundings, and some also have important roles such as offering quests and merchant services, and some can even accompany the player on missions.




Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Lady Zhen Lore Information

Lady Zhen is a young lady hailing from Wuji County of Zhongshan Commandery. Born into a wealthy family of high—rank officials, she had learned to read astrological signs at an early age. She was a gifted young lady, and lore has it that "her skin is like that of a crystal-clear white jade and her face a beautiful flower." She showed concerns for a world of turmoil that she divined from the stars well in advance, yet she had no such power to change it herself. Thus, she sought a warrior chosen by the stars, so that she may guide the world towards peace. She takes care of a white snake, which she kept cloaked in her garments at all times. 

When the Yellow Turbans' uprisings were rampant, Lady Zhen was captured by Zhang Rang of the Ten Eunuchs and imprisoned in the underground dungeons of Luoyang. lust as with other civilians similarly imprisoned, he schemed to extract her Qi to concoct Elixir, but her snake haphazardly became infused with Demonic Qi, turning into a demon Baishe that kept Zhang Rang's men away. Once the Baishe was cut down by the protagonist, it returned to its former size and guided him, Cao Cao, and Yuan Shao to Lady Zhen. She was delighted at her encounter with a warrior chosen by the stars, Yuan Shao, and accompanied him.

Eventually, Yuan Shao was elected by the Guandong lords to lead the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition, and Lady Zhen followed him to Luoyang. In place of Yuan Shao, stunned at seeing Luoyang set ablaze by Dong ZhuoLady Zhen enlisted the help of the protagonist to eradicate the demons infesting the burned capital. Witnessing the protagonist vanquish the Taotie, that had siphoned the Demonic Qi in Luoyang, she swore an oath with him, praising his bravery and determination. The victory however ended in vain, as a devastated Yuan Shao declared the coalition to be disbanded and left the scene. Lady Zhen was quick to realize that his warrior star had begun to lose its brilliance.

Following the dissolution of the coalition, Yuan Shao strove tirelessly to expand his influence. Ultimately, he resorted to using the Elixir with the help of Yu Ji. Lady Zhen could do little but despair at the blighted entity that he had become. Finally, she escaped from Yuan Shao, seeking asylum under Cao Cao, whose acquaintance she had previously made. One night during her travels, she looked up at the sky, only to see Yuan Shao's star fall, and three brilliantly shining stars take its place. In the battle of Guandu, she witnessed the now ruined figure of Yuan Shao, whom she had once admired. Moving on, she stayed by Cao Cao's side, gazing up at the stars each night, keeping watch over the trajectory of those three shimmering warrior stars.


Where to find Lady Zhen in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lady Zhen is first encountered in Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.


Lady Zhen Role in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty



Lady Zhen Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lady Zhen is involved in the following Missions:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Lady Zhen Notes & Tips

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