Hermit of Tianzhu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty refers to various NPCs with the same name. The Hermits of Tianzhu are the inhabitants of the Hidden Village, a serene mountain locale atop Mt. Tianzhushan. Led by Zuo Ci, these Hermits live a peaceful life, away from prying eyes where they can be in harmony with nature. NPCs are the various characters players will meet and interact with throughout their journey. These characters provide backstory or insight into the game's lore and surroundings, and some also have important roles such as offering quests and merchant services, and some can even accompany the player on missions.


All Hermit of Tianzhu NPCs in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The Hermits of Tianzhu all share the same name but have distinct appearances and dialogue. Some of these Hermits have mini-questlines that can be completed for rewards, features or other resources. Thus, it is best to visit the Hidden Village every now and then to see if anything new unfolds with these Hermits. In order to better differentiate these NPCs, we've assigned them names based on their dialogue, questlines or other identifiers.

Please see the Hidden Village page's NPC Guide section for detailed information on the Hermits of Tianzhu, as well as guides on how to complete their associated questlines.



Concerned Wife

hidden village hermit missinghusband npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A female Hermit of Tianzhu whose husband had gone missing for days. She will embark on a quest to find him and will come across the protagonist in several instances.

Found at The Uninhibited Heart 
Found at Let's Make Our Armor Shine! 
Found at Let's Make Our Halberds Shine!

Locked-Out Taoist

hidden village hermit locked house npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A Hermit of Tianzhu who had clumsily misplaced the keys to her house on one of her excursions outside the village.

Expert Brewer

hidden village hermit brewer npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A female Hermit of Tianzhu who is attempting to revolutionize her liquor-making with various rare ingredients. She sends her husband on errands in an effort to acquire the materials that will make the ultimate brew.


Brewer's Husband

hidden village hermit brewer husband npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

The ever-devoted and loving (albeit incompetent) husband of the Expert Brewer, who braves the war-torn battlefields in search of ingredients for his wife's liquor making, but ultimately ends up calling in the aid of the protagonist.

Found at The Lost Sacred Artifact

Shitieshou Lover

hidden village hermit shitieshou fanatic npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A kind and gentle former hunter who adores the panda-like Shitieshou Demons and dreams to turn the village into a safe haven for the creatures.

Found at Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.

Golden Cicada Fanatic

hidden village hermit cicada npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A Hermit of Tianzhu who believes the secret to immortality lies with the rare Golden Cicada. He obsessively requests for the husks of these insects in exchange for goods he's hoarded, delighting in their taste and becoming increasingly deranged with every offer.


Scholar Hermit

hidden village hermit scroll npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A bored Hermit of Tianzhu who yearns to travel the world outside of the Hidden Village, but resorts instead to reading about them through ancient tablets and scrolls.

Guard Hermit

hidden village hermit art of war npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

An older Hermit of Tianzhu who guards one of the gates to the Hidden Village. Knowledgeable in the Art of War, he frequently shares his insights with the protagonist.

Farmer Hermit

hidden village hermit hoe npcs wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

A Hermit of Tianzhu who can often be found outside the elder's residence. He seems to keep up with recent events and will offer remarks and insight into your journey.



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