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Equipment Vermilion Bird Greataxe
Staunchness Set
First Encounter Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

Xiahou Dun is a Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyXiahou Dun is a reinforcement aligned to the earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28px Earth element and boosts status effects resistance. Reinforcements are characters that may accompany you during Missions. They assist you dealing with your Enemies and Bosses you encounter along the way. They also provide unique passive bonuses to the players thanks to their Warrior Effects.




Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Xiahou Dun Lore Information

Xiahou Dun, courtesy name Yuanrang, was a general hailing from Qiao County of Pei State.

He is a descendant of Xiahou Ying, who aided in the founding of the Former Han, and brother to Xiahou Yuan. When Cao Cao raised his army, Xiahou Dun hastened to join him, and was appointed his second-in-command. Cao Cao placed great trust in him and granted him the status of his equal, to be treated no differently. He was known as a calm, collected, and highly capable individual, while also fiercely loyal and brave. He was also humble and modest, purportedly delivering all excess wealth unto his soldiers.

Once Cao Cao had raised his army, Xiahou Dun followed him in battles across the land. After the death of Zhang Rang, he and Xiahou Yuan rushed to Cao Cao's side, rejoicing his safety and new—found resolution. In the battle of Hulaoguan Pass, he eyed the protagonist, who had befriended Cao Cao, with suspicion, but refrained from outwardly expressing his emotions and focused on his duties. Once Dong Zhuo had set Luoyang ablaze and fled to Meiwu Fort, he gathered with Cao Cao to pursue Dong Zhuo. As they were outnumbered, they were naturally overpowered by the counterattack, but not without displaying Cao Cao's mettle to the world through furious fighting. Following this, he reassembled an army at Cao Cao's orders, accepting men of all standings, contributing to the expansion of his affluence.

Upon the downfall of Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu saw his opportunity and took Puyang, the domain that Xiahou Dun was tasked to for safekeeping. In remorse, he stormed the fort to spearhead the recapture of Puyang. While the attack on the city proved successful, the sudden appearance of Yuan Shao's forces took him by surprise. An Elixir-laced arrow pierced Xiahou Dun's left eye, triggering a demonic transformation. After a ferocious battle against the protagonist, he was brought to his knees, but was still struggling to fight the Demonic Qi insistent on possessing him, when Cao Cao's inspiring roar finally brought him back to his senses. Xiahou Dun then swore an oath with the protagonist as a sign of eternal gratitude for overcoming him after he had turned into a demon, and reverting him to human form. Following this, he donned an eyepatch made of jewels over his left eye, and once again vowed his loyalty to Cao Cao.

Xiahou Dun joined the assault on Xiapi, where Lu Bu was entrenched, not letting his wounded eye hinder him at all. Following the fall of Lu Bu, he was stormed by Yuan Shao's forces, but managed to defend Cao Cao and escort him to safety. Thereafter, he continued to support Cao Cao, who had lost much territory and been put at a disadvantage, and fought valiantly in the decisive battle against Yuan Shao. In the Battle of Baima, he wove through arrow rain in the fore, cutting down demonized soldiers as he did. When Cao Cao embarked on the pacification of Hebei after defeating Yuan ShaoXiahou Dun served as his backup to stabilize the army and kept Liu Biao of ling Province, who was aiming for Cao Cao, at bay. Afterwards, he continued to play an active role in the control and supervision of armies and remained the most trusted man in Cao Cao's army.


How to Unlock Xiahou Dun in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Xiahou Dun is first encountered in Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.


How to Summon Xiahou Dun

  • Players have to spend x1 tiger seal usable items wo long wiki 95pxTiger Seal in order to summon Xiahou Dun.
  • Xiahou Dun can be summoned at any Flag while completing Missions, but note that not all Reinforcements are available for all Missions.


How to Deepen your bond with Xiahou Dun

Players have to spend x1 cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality to deepen their bond with Xiahou Dun. Spending a Cup of Cordiality on Xiahou Dun upgrades the player's Oath Level by one. It caps at level 10 in which it changes to Sworn Brother. 

When players reach Oath Level 5 with Xiahou Dun, they will unlock his second warrior effect.

Once players reach Sworn Brother statusthey receive:


Xiahou Dun Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Xiahou Dun is involved in the following Missions:

Xiahou Dun can be summoned in the following Missions:

  • __summon__


Xiahou Dun Ally Warrior in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The following are Xiahou Dun's ally warriors:


Xiahou Dun Equipment

Xiahou Dun has the following equipment and Warrior Effect


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Xiahou Dun Notes & Tips

  • Additional notes for Xiahou Dun go here.



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