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Equipment Tiger Fang Dual Halberds
Young Conqueror Set
First Encounter Like Father, Like Son

Sun Ce is a Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen DynastySun Ce is a reinforcement aligned to the fire element icon wo long wiki guide 28px Fire element and boosts Spirit gain on normal attacks. Reinforcements are characters that may accompany you during Missions. They assist you dealing with your Enemies and Bosses you encounter along the way. They also provide unique passive bonuses to the players thanks to their Warrior Effects.

  • For the battle against Sun Jian as a boss, please check Sun Ce (Boss)


Lose focus for a second and I'll make you pay. Now come at me!


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Sun Ce Lore Information

Sun Ce, courtesy name Bofu, is a warrior hailing from Fuchun County of Wu Commandery and the eldest son of Sun Jian. Though he was eager to fight the Yellow Turbans with his father, Sun Ce was instead sent to live with his mother and brothers as he lacked experience in his father's eyes. Years later, he settled in Lujiang Commandery at the behest of Zhou Yu, an influential man from the area. While honing his literary and military prowess with Zhou Yu, he awaited his father to summon him. With the Sun blood flowing in his veins, he could fight demons by controlling Qi without resorting to Elixir. He enjoys a story with a good laugh and is generally open-hearted, though he can be hot-blooded at times and has a tendency to be overconfident in himself. He is married to the eldest of the Two Qiaos of Jiangdong, the beautiful Da Qiao.

When the lords of Guandong formed a coalition to oppose Dong Zhuo's reign of terror, Sun Ce joined the expedition to Hulaoguan Pass with Sun Jian's blessing. He stirred at the opportunity to finally break through his father's reservations and prove his worth in battle, but he found himself in jeopardy before Dong Zhuo‘s elite "Flying Ursines" led by Hua Xiong and sustained a wound. With help from his father and the protagonist, Sun Ce scarcely pulls through from the frontlines. Following the battle, Sun Jian berated him for his reckless course of actions, but Sun Ce mindlessly brushed him off, instead demanding to be enlisted again in the upcoming battle after recovering from his wounds at an astonishing rate.

While the coalition marched to Dong Zhuo's domain, Sun Jian suddenly rushed to Xiangyang, in Jing Province. Although bearing doubts about his unexplained actions, Sun Ce and his brother Sun Quan enlisted among them. Upon learning that Sun Jian infiltrated Xiangyang alone, Sun Ce and the protagonist followed in his wake. They soon walk into Sun Jian, now transformed into a dreadful demon at the hand of a black-clad Taoist, and Da Qiao fleeing in horror. It had turned out that Sun Jian resolved to single-handedly rescue Da Qiao, who had been taken hostage, unbeknownst to his sons. Sun Ce swore an oath with the protagonist, who had fought his father out of consideration for him and Sun Quan. He then spoke with his father, now returned to a human form, one last time. At last realizing that Sun Jian's every action was for the sake of him and his family, Sun Ce broke down in tears. He swore to avenge his father.

After Sun Jian's death, Sun Ce joined with Sun Quan and Zhou Yu and swept across the Jiangdong region at a great pace. He came to be feared after this as the "Young Conqueror," alluding to Xiang Yu, the Hegemon King of Western Chu, for all his ferocity and power. While expanding his influence, Sun Ce, who had been tracking Yu Ji, the black-clad Taoist responsible for his father's death, came to know that Yu Ji was collaborating with Yuan Shao. Taking advantage of the battle between Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, Sun Ce led a squad of elites in attempt to infiltrate Yu Ji's refuge in Guandu. However, moments before he entered Guandu, Sun Ce was attacked by Sun Quan, who in reality was Yu Ji in disguise, and fell in a blaze of glory.



How to Unlock Sun Ce in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Sun Ce is first encountered in Like Father, Like Son, but is unlocked after the cutscene following Centuries of Glory Burned Away.


How to Summon Sun Ce

  • Players have to spend x1 tiger seal usable items wo long wiki 95pxTiger Seal in order to summon Sun Ce.
  • Sun Ce can be summoned at any Flag while completing Missions, but note that not all Reinforcements are available for all Missions.


How to Deepen your bond with Sun Ce

Players have to spend x1 cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality to deepen their bond with Sun Ce. Spending a Cup of Cordiality on Sun Ce upgrades the player's Oath Level by one. It caps at level 10 in which it changes to Sworn Brother. 

When players reach Oath Level 5 with Sun Ce, they will unlock his second Warrior Effect.

Once players reach Sworn Brother statusthey receive:


Sun Ce Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Sun Ce is involved in the following Missions:

Sun Ce can be summoned in the following Missions:


Sun Ce Ally Warrior in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The following are Sun Ce's ally warriors:


Sun Ce Equipment

Sun Ce has the following equipment and Warrior Effect

Warrior Effects

  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks +3.5%
  • Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -3.5%


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Sun Ce Notes & Tips

  • Additional notes for Sun Ce go here.



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