Guding Blade

Curved Sabre

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Base Attack 91
Attack Bonus
wood element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWood N/A
fire element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxFire C-
earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxEarth N/A
metal element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxMetal B
water element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWater E-
Spirit Attack:
Spirit Attack (Guarding)
Spirit Defense(Guarding)
Deflect Difficulty:
Set Bonus Tiger of Jiangdong

Guding Blade is one of the Curved Sabres available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Guding Blade is a curved blade preferred by Sun Iian. This weapon has a characteristically wide and sharp blade, with a sharpened edge along the back of the blade. Curved Sabres share similar speed and combo styles with the other one-handed bladed weapons albeit being slightly better at handling multiple combatants. Curved Sabres trade forward reach for slightly more horizontal range with sweeping slashes and typically wide-hitting Martial Arts skills.


When the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, Sun Iian campaigned across the land under the order of Zhu Iun of the imperial army. During his expedition to Ii Province, he obtained some high quality iron in Ding Village of Zhongshan State. Having come back home, Sun Iian entreated a famous smith to make him a blade with the iron. The name Guding Blade comes from the location of the iron used to forge it. With silver armor, a red bandana, and the Guding blade at his side, Sun Iian sat mounted atop a spotted horse. Thus did people praise his valorous figure and might.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guding Blade Martial Arts

Guding Blade has the following unique Martial Art that is only avaialble for Guding Blade and cannot be found on any other Weapon:

Guding Blade may also have one more Martial Art which is randomly chosen based on the Weapon Type


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guding Blade Special Effects

Guding Blade grants the following fixed Special Effect:

  • None


How to get Guding Blade in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Guding Blade can be obtained during the following Mission:


Guding Blade Set Bonus in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Guding Blade is part of the Vicious Tiger Set. Equipping Guding Blade along with other pieces of the Vicious Tiger Set grants the following Set Bonuses:

Set Bonuses:

2 Pieces Spirit Sustainability +10
3 Pieces Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.7%
4 Pieces Spirit Fervor Upon Fatal Strike
5 Pieces Spirit Attack Damage +6.0%
6 Pieces N/A


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guding Blade Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Guding Blade go here.



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      The AI is very poor at reading and punishing Thunderous Impact. You can get animation locked and suffer some bad hits, but time it right, and you can easily stagger basic enemies, demons, and even some bosses. Because of the number of hits, it's also very effective at applying statuses, or regaining health with Absorb Vitality. Very solid weapon all around.

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