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Location Fate of the Entertainer (Boss)
Multiple Missions (Non Boss) 
Qi varies
Weak Earth, Metal, Wood
Resistant Fire, Water
Immune Water (larger, debuff)

Shuigui is an Enemy and Boss in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyShuigui is a ???. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attack patterns, killing them provides players with various drops that reward such as Copper or consumable Items, as well as some varying Equipment pieces and Genuine Qi, which is used to level up.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Shuigui Lore

Shuigui is a demon that resembles a beautiful mermaid.

It is formed from women who drowned themselves; their souls unable to be reborn now haunt bodies of water. In order for their soul to be properly reborn, they must force another to suffer the same death they did. This is why they attempt to lure any human who comes near the waterside to their watery death. Any who are drawn in by its ethereal figure are not long for this world, and will be devoured after their lungs are full of water. Souls of women who did not choose this fate, but were instead killed, intertwine with Demonic Qi to become a particularly malicious Shuigui with a taste for cruel violence.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Shuigui Locations

Where to Find Shuigui:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Shuigui Drops

All Enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have a random drop, meaning that they don't drop always the same items. 


Wo Long Shuigui Boss Guide

Shuigui Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Shuigui Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry SpellsMartial Arts and more for Shuigui:

  • Overwhelming Shuigui with fast Close-Range attacks can quickly deplete her health due to her slow execution of attacks.
  • Using the Lightning Weapon spell to enchant your weapon with lightning, greatly improves your damage toward Shuigui.
  • Using the Focus Zone spell will give you an advantage since most of your fight with Shuigui is close-range.



Shuigui Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Strong Tail Swipe (Fatal Strike, Lesser Shuigui) Lesser Shuigui glows red and then performs a strong tail sweep. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage.
Grab & Bite (Fatal Strike, Shuigui) Shuigui glows red and then tries to grab a target. If successful, grabs target and bites him.
Spinning Forward Attack Shuigui spins her body towards you causing multiple damage Deflect to stop the chain, Otherwise dodge Roll to any side with space to avoid this attack.
Tentacle Swipe Shuigui uses hidden tentacles to perform a surprise swipe. Once her tentacles appear, immediately back up.
Tail Slam Shuigui lifts her tail and slams it toward you. Once her tail rises, immediately change direction to avoid the impact
Tail Swipe Shuigui swipes her tail toward you. Jump or move backward once you see her preparing to swipe.



This boss has no dialogue.


Shuigui Notes & Tips

  • In chinese mythology, Shui Gui (also known as Water Ghosts and Water Monkeys) are ghosts of those, who died due to drowning.
    • In game only female are Shuigui, while in chinese mythology also male could become Water Ghosts
    • Water Ghosts are afraid of fire, while in game they are not only resistant to it, but also counters it.
  • Notes and player tips go here



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