Bronze Soldier

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Location Behold the Glaive of Righteousness
Decisive Battle of Guandu
The Request of Goddess Luo
Weak Deflection, Spirit depletion
Resistant Fire, Physical, Wood (damage)
Immune Earth, Metal, Water, Wood (build up)

Bronze Soldier is an Enemy in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyBronze Soldier is a large reanimated statue, angry at humankind for what they did. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attack patterns, killing them provides players with various drops that reward such as Copper or consumable Items, as well as some varying Equipment pieces and Genuine Qi, which is used to level up.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bronze Soldier Lore

Bronze Soldiers are bronze colossi carved in the likeness of human soldiers, that diabolically came to life after being inhabited by resentful spirits. They largely outmatch terracotta soldiers in size. Wars and strife brought about Demonic Qi to earth, which then became infused into the statues and gave them the ability to reason and the drive to attack humans. According to the Records of the Grand Historian, the First Emperor of Qin had the weapons of his defeated foes smelted and cast into bells and twelve bronze colossi. These colossi were placed at the gate of Epang Palace. Even in the Later Han period, bronze soldiers were created in Luoyang. Originally created as wards of the people, these colossi have ironically been reduced to brutal demons that strike down any who come close.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bronze Soldier Locations

Where to Find Bronze Soldier:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bronze Soldier Drops

All Enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have a random drop, meaning that they don't drop always the same items. 


Bronze Soldier Notes & Tips

  • Once their Spirit gauge is depleted, they crumble. Deflecting their only Fatal Strike - Strong Sword Cut - will always crumble them.
  • Can't handle enemies right under them, therefore whacking their legs can be effective, but will take some time due to their resistance to Physical damage.
  • Highly resistant/Immune to all elements.
  • Notes and player tips go here



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