Dragon Vein Crystal

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Total Dragon Vein Crystals 7
Type Usable Item
Effect Increases the usage limit of the Dragon's Cure Pot by one when used.

Dragon Vein Crystal is a Usable Item in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Dragon Vein Crystal raises the usage limit of the Dragon's Cure Pot by one when used. Usable Items are comprised primarily of consumables that have various effects when used such as healing, granting temporary buffs, awarding the Genuine Qi currency used for leveling up, raising your Morale Rank and many more. Some Usable Items are tools that can be reused and do not disappear after being used. Most Usable Items can be assigned to a Quick Slot and used instantly without having to go through the inventory, even while in combat.


Rare minerals that can absorb Qi have drifted through a dragon's veins and accumulated in one place, eventually achieving a crystal form. It strengthens the Dragon’s Cure Pot and improves the ability to gather Qi from dragon veins.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Crystal Effect

Using Dragon Vein Crystal grants the following effect:

  • Increases the usage limit of the Dragon's Cure Pot by one when used.
  • Players can stack up to Dragon Vein Crystals


Where to get Dragon Vein Crystal in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Dragon Vein Crystal can be obtained from the following sources:

  • x1 can be found during Two Chivalrous Heroes: Found in one of the buildings you see after meeting the blacksmith.
  • x1 can be found during The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven: Found in one of the rooms after entering the Fort.
  • x1 can be found during Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch: Found in a corner of the temple where the Battle Flag is.
  • x1 can be found during Centuries of Glory Burned Away: While you are fighting a flying dragon you can climb up the rooftops and find an space in the middle that can on  
  • x1 Can be found during Tyrant's Final Banquet: After capturing the 5th Battle Flag, run through the main path and enter the temple on the right, and follow the path to the left. When the paths turns to the right, you must turn left, jump the fence and get the item from the corner of that space.
  • x1 Can be found during The Way of the Warrior: After placing the Fourth Battle Flag, there's a chest with the item in it right in front of the flag.
  • x1 Can be found during Behold the Glaive of Righteousness: In a room in a temple covered with red roots, there's a sarcophagus on a short platform with the item on top.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Crystal Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Dragon Vein Crystal go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Wondering which one you missed? For me it was the stage with the lightning dragon (Centries of glory burned away). There a room near the middle of the dragon area you drop down into. Took 3 playthroughs to find it. Most people will just run thru and miss this. You're welcome :)

      • Anonymous

        Wish there was a way to find out which 1 I missed. Have 9 at end game. Suppose I'll have replay missions :-/

        • Anonymous

          I'm in the midgame and I've somehow missed four dragon vein crystals. I replayed most areas to find them and just assumed you don't get more until the late game. Apparently I am a big bonzo airhead, and my pots heal less than half my max hp at this point

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