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Location Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch
Divine Beast's Favor Phase Spells Spirit Consumption
Spirit Gain from normal Attacks
Received Spirit Damage while attacking
Power Gain upon Martial Arts
Summon Divine Beast Zhuque's Scorch
Divine Beast Resonation Zhuque Resonation

Zhuque is a Divine Beast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhuque is one of the Four Gods, associated with Fire and Summer, and can be found on Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch. Each Divine Beast is attuned to one of the Five Phases and can channel the power of their respective element. Players can use them to gain certain advantages during combat against Enemies.



Wo Long Zhuque Description

The Divine Beast Zhuque is one of the Four Gods and the guardian of the south. Huge in size and cloaked in flames, it appears in legend as the guide that leads souls to the heavenly realm. Due to this, its image has adorned tombs since before the Qin period. It is thought to have originated from the lands of the Chu people, where a spiritual bird was worshipped as a totem. Chinese folklore features many other mythical avians, but Zhuque is the most famous of them all - a position that was cemented after the Five Phases theory associated it with the Fire Phase and deemed it the ruler of summer.


Where to get Zhuque in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhuque can be obtained after completing:


In order to upgrade Zhuque's Divine Beast's Favor, players have to complete the following Missions:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuque Information

Zhuque has 3 abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. A passive ability, called Divine Beast's Favor and two active abilities called Zhuque's Scorch and Zhuque Resonation. As soon as players obtain Zhuque, all three abilities become available, however, by completing War's Flames Blaze Fiercely Divine Beast's Favor gains a fourth passive.

Divine Beast's Favor:

Name Effect
Fire Phase Spell Spirit Consumption Reduces Spirit consumption of Fire Phase Spells. -3.0%/ -6.0%
Spirit Gain from normal Attacks Increases Spirit gain from Normal attacks +3.5%
Spirit Damage Received while Attacking Reduces received Spirit damage when attacking. -3.5%
Power Gain upon Martial Arts Applies Power Gain to the user upon a successful Martial Arts Hit.

Summon Divine Beast:

  • Zhuque's Scorch: Summons Zhuque to engulf the surrounding area in fire. An additional attack is performed when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.

Divine Beast Resonation:

  • Zhuque Resonation: Summons Zhuque to apply Flame damage to your weapon. Increases HP damage and ailment accumulation dealt.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuque Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Zhuque go here.


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