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Location The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven
Divine Beast's Favor Phase Spells Spirit Consumption
Spirit Damage
Negative Effect Duration on Enemies
Damage Amplification Upon Fatal Strike
Summon Divine Beast Baihu's Carnage
Divine Beast Resonation Baihu Resonation

Baihu is a Divine Beast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Baihu is a Divine Beast related to the Metal Phase, as well as one of the Four Gods, and can be found upon completing the Main Mission, The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven. Each Divine Beast is attuned to one of the Five Phases and can channel the power of their respective element. Players can use them to gain certain advantages during combat against Enemies.



Wo Long Baihu Description

The Divine Beast Baihu is one of the Four Gods and the guardian of the west. During the Han period, tigers were considered the kings of beasts, with even demons being counted among their prey. It is believed that Baihu is a tiger that lived for several hundreds of years and then underwent a transcension. In the Five Phases theory, it is associated with the Metal Phase and rules over fall. It also represents conflict and military force; in ancient times it regularly featured on military flags, and its image was also used for the seals that demonstrated an army had received imperial authorization


Where to get Baihu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Baihu can be obtained after completing:


In order to upgrade Baihu's Divine Beast's Favor, players have to complete the following Missions:



Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Baihu Information

Baihu has 3 abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. A passive ability, called Divine Beast's Favor and two active abilities called Baihu's Carnage and Baihu Resonation. As soon as players obtain Baihu, all three abilities become available, however, by completing Darkness Over the Hanshui River Divine Beast's Favor gains a fourth passive.

Divine Beast's Favor:

Name Effect
Metal Phase Spell Spirit Consumption Reduces Spirit consumption of Metal Phase Spells -3.0%/6.0%
Spirit Damage Increases Spirit Damage dealt on Enemies +3.6%
Negative Effect Duration on Enemies Increases the duration of negative effects on Enemies +3.6%
Damage Amplification Upon Fatal Strike Gives Damage Amplification to enemy when landing Fatal Strike

Summon Divine Beast:

  • Baihu's Carnage: Summons Baihu to fight alongside you for a short duration. The duration increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.

Divine Beast Resonation:

  • Baihu Resonation: Summons Baihu to apply Toxin damage to your weapon. Increases ailment accumulation dealt and Spirit gained from attacks. 


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Baihu Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Baihu go here.


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