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Location Tyrant's Final Banquet
Divine Beast's Favor Martial Arts Damage
Martial Arts Spirit Consumption
Negative Effect Duration
Slow on Enemy Upon Martial Arts
Summon Divine Beast Deistic Exorcism
Divine Beast Resonation Xiezhi Resonation

Xiezhi is a Divine Beast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Xiezhi is a Fire Phase Divine Beast associated with Justice, and can be found on Tyrant's Final Banquet. Each Divine Beast is attuned to one of the Five Phases and can channel the power of their respective element. Players can use them to gain certain advantages during combat against Enemies.



Wo Long Xiezhi Description

The Divine Beast Xiezhi has the power to judge the righteousness of people's actions. It is similar in appearance to Qilin except it lacks scales and has a long, sole horn on its forehead (leading to it also being known as the "lone-horn beast"). It can sense those who have committed crimes, and upon finding a wrongdoer on a battlefield, it will pierce them with its horn. A widely acknowledged symbol of justice, it is also associated with the Fire Phase. Since the pre-Qin period all who serve in the legal system have worn what is known as a "Xiezhi crown", in the hope that those presiding over justice will be as fair and honest as the Divine Beast.


Where to get Xiezhi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Xiezhi can be obtained after completing:

In order to upgrade Xiezhi's Divine Beast's Favor, players have to complete the following Missions:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Xiezhi Information

Xiezhi has 3 abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. A passive ability, called Divine Beast's Favor and two active abilities called Deistic Exorcism and Xiezhi Resonation As soon as players obtain Xiezhi, all three abilities become available, however, by completing Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men Divine Beast's Favor gains a fourth passive.

Divine Beast's Favor:

Name Effect
Martial Arts Damage Increases HP damage dealt with Martial Arts +3.6% - +7.2%
Martial Arts Spirit Consumption Reduces Spirit consumption of Marial Arts  -2.6%
Negative Effect Duration Reduces your Negative Effects duration -3.6%
Slow on Enemy Upon Martial Arts Applies Slow to the target enemy upon a successful Martial Arts hit.

Summon Divine Beast:

  • Deistic Exorcism: Summons Xeizhi to fight alongside you for a short duration. The duration increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.

Divine Beast Resonation:

  • Xiezhi Resonation: Summons Xiezhi to apply Flame damage to your weapon. Increases automatic Spirit recovery and HP damage dealt.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Xiezhi Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Xiezhi go here.


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