General of Earth's Illusion

general of earth's illusion front
Morale 17 (NG++, Side Mission)
Mission Sons of the Yellow Heaven
Beyond the Heavens
Drops Ritual Sword of Chaos
Weak Earth, Water, Wood
Resistant Fire, Metal
Immune N/A

General of Earth's Illusion is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. General of Earth's Illusion in Wo Long is a Demon type boss and a projection of Zhang Bao, General of Earth, probably created by Taoist in Black. General of Earth's Illusion can be encountered during Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Battle of Zhongyuan expansion.

 A projection of Zhang Bao, in the form of a demon spirit.

Wo Long General of Earth's Illusion Boss Information

General of Earth's Illusion is a Demon Boss found in Beyond the Heavens.

  • This boss is optional in the sub mission encounter.
  • There are no default reinforcements for this fight.
  • Health: __hp__


Wo Long General of Earth's Illusion Missions

Outside Beyond the Heavens, General of Earth's Illusion also be found in the following missions:


Wo Long General of Earth's Illusion Drops


Wo Long General of Earth's Illusion Boss Guide

General of Earth's Illusion Boss Video Guide

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General of Earth's Illusion Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry SpellsMartial Arts and Strategy for General of Earth's Illusion:

  • Water-related spells will be the most effective against him, but Wood and Earth-related will do the job just fine.
  • Wear Light Armor so that you are nimble during the boss battle.
  • Elemental Plague paired with Spark Rush allows to easily inflict Wood debuff on him
  • Negate Attribute Damage upon Guard can be helpful when facing General of Earth's Illusion numerous fire attacks.

General of Earth's Illusion relies on using sorcery and constantly teleports away from you so he can cast projectiles and cast spells, but do not be fooled since he is also capable of close-quarter combat but for the most part, he relies on his sorcery. A good tactic here is to close the gap and attack him when you see him raise his hand to ring the bell, to continuously attack him, or use Qilin's Earthquake to interrupt him from casting a sorcery attack. If you do interrupt him, he will quickly teleport and try to cast another spell or just attack you with a fatal strike.

When the General of Earth's Illusion's health is reduced to 60%, he gains additional attacks, while some sorcery attacks become enhanced. Some attacks like the single fireball now become multiple fireballs that travel fast. It's a matter of reacting to what spell he does if you do hear that chime so you know what to do next. A good way to punish him is if you can Deflect Counterattack his Fatal Strike move, he'll stumble if you successfully land it, making it easier to break his guard and use a Fatal Strike against him.

General of Earth's Illusion Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strike
Sword of Chaos General of Earth's Illusion creates a crystallized projectile and strikes with it. Can be countered with deflect counterattack.
Gouging Star General of Earth's Illusion spins his weapon around in one hand while advancing forward. Happens in conjuction with Teleport.
Unfriendly Hug General of Earth's Illusion tries to hug a target, but instead of warm welcome he sets it ablaze, dealing Fire Damage. Happens in conjuction with Teleport.
Teleport Teleports around the area, either to run away or perform a Fatal Strike. Watch where he teleports and be ready to dodge if he teleports near you to attack.
Ring of Fire A large ring of fire that emerge from General of Earth's Illusion. Sprint backward since it doesn't cover the whole arena. You can also deflect them if needed.
Fireball General of Earth's Illusion shoots a single fireball. Deflect to avoid chip damage
Rotating Flames Conjures a volley of fireballs that circulates and spreads in a wide range. The fireballs will start from General of Earth's Illusion and spread out, covering a wide range. Sprint backward or deflect to avoid hit.
Spinning Sword General of Earth's Illusion attacks with his sword and aggressively spins forward. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Zhang Bao's Rage This happens if you use a Fatal Strike against the demon. A red AOE field will appear around it when it recovers from the Fatal Strike. Move away from the radius of the AOE or move back after you use a Fatal Strike and wait for the boss to finish releasing the AOE blast.
Pillars of Flame Slow multiple bursts of fire emerge from the ground that will chase you for a short period. The ground will glow red which is an indication that the flame is about to burst. It will usually start at the spot where you are standing and it will slowly chase you. Sprint to avoid getting hit.


General of Earth's Illusion Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • With proper elemental-related debuff (which stuns enemy even from Fatal Strike), General of Earth's Illusion Rage attack can be avoided.
  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



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General of Earth's Illusion Image Gallery

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