General of Man's Illusion

yellow turban leaders illusion
Morale 13 (NG++, Side Mission)
Mission Sons of the Yellow Heaven
Beyond the Heavens
Drops Great Club of Polaris
Parts of General of Man Set
Weak Fire, Metal, Wood
Resistant Earth, Water
Immune N/A

General of Man's Illusion is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. General of Man's Illusion in Wo Long is a Demon type boss and a projection of demonized Zhang Liang, General of Man, probably created by Taoist in Black. General of Man's Illusion can be encountered during Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Battle of Zhongyuan expansion.


 A projection of Zhang Liang, in the form of a demon spirit.

Wo Long General of Man's Illusion Boss Information

General of Man's Illusion is a Demon Boss found in Beyond the Heavens.

  • This boss is optional in the sub mission encounter.
  • There are no default reinforcements for this fight.
  • Health: __hp__


Wo Long General of Man's Illusion Mission

Outside Beyond the Heavens, General of Man's Illusion also be found in the following missions:


Wo Long General of Man's Illusion Drops


Wo Long General of Man's Illusion Boss Guide

General of Man's Illusion Boss Video Guide

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General of Man's Illusion Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and Strategy for General of Man's Illusion:

Upon entering the arena, players will need to clear the area of phantom soldiers before facing the General of Man's Illusion, a spirit version of Zhang Liang's demon form. 

General of Man's Illusion's left arm becomes a shield or a whip-like weapon this allows him to extend his attacks and cover a wider range. If he slams the weapon on the ground, players will need to be ready to dodge or block the spikes that emerge from below. He can also charge at you like a bull, you can dodge to the side or block it, but take advantage of this because he needs to recover after charging in, and use the brief window to attack while he recovers. General of Man's Illusion will try to use a devastating grab attack or a swinging combo, when a red glow appears, be ready to use Deflect Counterattack. If it lands correctly, his left arm will shatter into pieces and you can move in to attack. Use this opportunity to continuously attack him until his guard is broken, allowing you to use a Fatal Strike against him. If you use a Fatal Strike, he will fall to the ground. Make sure to move back because he will cast a large AOE attack around him when he recovers. The AOE around him will cause these red vines to emerge from the ground and becomes a barricade around him. Watch out for his leap attack where he jumps and spins the air, watch where he lands and dodge it. When he lands on the ground, you can move in to attack while he recovers.

General of Man's Illusion Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strike
Snake Grab General of Man's Illusion tries to grab the target. If successful, drags his target for several meters, then tosses him away. Counter with Deflect Counterattack to inflict massive Spirit damage and to break his left arm. Additional heavy attacks after counter will likely break his Spirit and leave him open for critical attack.
Heavy Swings General of Man's Illusion swings his mace up to 3 (1st part) or 5 (2nd part) times, each strike counters as separate Fatal Strike. Counter with Deflect Counterattack to inflict massive Spirit damage and stop the combo.
Boulder Glide General of Man's Illusion swings his weapon out of the ground, flinging clumps of earth at the target. Unlike variation from weapon, this attack is not a Fatal Strike. Dodge to the side or deflect to avoid damage.
Charging Attack General of Man's Illusion raises the mace and charges forward like a bull. This can be blocked to negate the damage or dodge rolled to the side.
Recharge This only happens if you use a Fatal Strike against him. A red AOE field will appear around him when he recovers from the Fatal Strike. Move away from the radius of the AOE.
Leap Attack General of Man's Illusion aggressively jumps and spins the air, and tries to land on you. Watch where he lands, and he will usually try to land where you're standing. Dodgeroll to avoid getting hit.


General of Man's Illusion Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



No dialogue


General of Man's Illusion Image Gallery

yellow turban leaders illusion


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