Multiplayer Co-op and Online are features in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. There are several methods for interacting with other players in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, both directly and indirectly. This page covers information on the various game modes and mechanics pertaining to Multiplayer Co-op and Online play, how to begin multiplayer sessions, as well as special rewards you can obtain by participating in online play.

The first few multiplayer features are unlocked after completing the game's prologue. Players can also check the Online Settings Menu to enable or disable certain features to their liking.


Multiplayer Co-op and Online Information for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty supports many various forms of online play. At the basic level, the game features an asynchronous system where players can indirectly interact with other players in their own worlds.

Burial Flags and the Vengeance Mechanic

Burial Flags and the Vengeance Mechanic are features of online play. During Missions, players may sometimes encounter enemies that defeat other players in their worlds. These are known as Vengeance Targets. They will typically have high Morale Rank and may prove fairly difficult to defeat but they will often give various bonuses when defeated, including Tiger Seals and a certain amount of Accolades accolades icon wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide, which are a special currency used to purchase goods from Zuo Ci at the Hidden Village once unlocked. When you defeat a Vengeance Target, a notification pops up on the top-left corner of the HUD with a message that says "Avenged [PlayerName]".

burial flag multiplayer wo long fallen dynasty wiki guideNear Vengeance Targets, you will be able to find the Burial Flag of the player that was defeated. These are depicted as small flags with a purple aura around them. Moving in close proximity to this flag will show the details of the player that was defeated such as their Online ID and the enemy that defeated them. Additionally, you will be able to offer up a charge of your Dragon's Cure Pot at the flag. Doing so will replenish one charge for the player, raise your Morale temporarily and it will also heal you as if you consumed the pot charge yourself. This can be helpful to get players out of a pinch. When you are defeated, your Burial Flag may also appear in other players' worlds and benevolent players may recharge your pot for you during critical moments. 

If you are having trouble with a particularly difficult Vengeance Target with very high Morale, you may use a Memorial Tablet to clear any Vengeance auras. This item is an infinitely reusable consumable. Do note that this will also remove Burial Flags and you will not be able to gain the benefits they provide. You can use the tablet once again to return re-enable the Vengeance Mechanic.


Co-op Modes

Players can call on the aid of up to two additional players in order to tackle Missions. There are two main ways to play cooperatively with other players in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — via the Recruit and Co-op options, both of which can be accessed from the Online Lobby menu of any Battle Flag, after unlocking them at the beginning of the second Main Mission "Two Chivalrous Heroes".


The Recruit option allows you to matchmake with random players. Within the Recruit menu, you have the option of recruiting players by offering up 1x Tiger Seal per recruit. Note that this option is only available while already on a mission. The game will then send out a recruitment signal for other players to respond to. Once you offer up a Tiger Seal, you can leave the Battle Flag menu and continue on. Any players who respond to your request will arrive shortly and will be teleported near you or to the last Battle Flag you visited. You can also use a Tiger Seal directly from the menu or through your quick-use slots to instantly send a recruitment signal without going through the Battle Flag menus.

You may also respond to other players' requests for aid from the Recruit menu. When successful, you will be transported to the world and mission of a random player who has raised recruitment signal.

Recruited players will be able to assist the host until the completion of the mission or until the Assist Gauge is depleted. When playing co-operatively and players are defeated by enemies, they will remain crouched on the ground and an Assist Gauge will replace their health bar:

assist gauge wo long fallen dynasty wiki guideThis gauge will slowly deplete overtime but as long as it's not fully depleted, players will be able to revive fallen allies by interacting with them. Do note that if killed by the same enemy again, the Assist Gauge will start partially depleted. However, it can be replenished by defeating the enemy that defeated the player. Each player has an independent Assist Gauge. If the Assist Gauge is fully depleted, the player will be removed from the multiplayer session and returned to their last Battle Flag. If the host's Assist Gauge is depleted, they are returned to their last Battle Flag and all recruited players are removed from the session.

Note that if you choose to respond to other players' requests for recruitment, you should setup your equipment, Divine Beasts, Wizardry Spells and other options before selecting the respond option as you will be unable to interact with another player's Battle Flag while in their world.


The Co-op option allows you to play with friends by creating or joining a lobby. It also allows you to specify which Missions to you wish to embark on with your allies.

coop menu wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide


Within the Co-op Menu, you have the option to Invite Friends who play on the same platform, or set up a Password for your lobby which you can share with them for easy joining. Alternatively, you can join a friend's lobby if you have their password.

You can then specify which Mission you wish to take on. Note that you will only be able to choose missions you have unlocked, but when joining other players, you can play their missions even if you have yet to unlock them.

You will also be able to change your equipment, Divine Beasts and Wizardry Spells from this menu prior to starting the menu. Additionally, when your friends have joined the lobby, you will be able to check their equipment by selecting the Companion Details option.

When at least one other player has joined the lobby, you can start the session.


Similar to the Recruit option, players in a Co-op session will be able to revive each other as long as the Assist Gauge is not depleted. The main difference is that players in a Co-op session have the option of remaining in the session even after being defeated, allowing them to easily replay the mission or move on to another at the host's discretion.

Upon leaving a multiplayer session, you will be awarded some Genuine Qi, Accolades and Tiger Seals, regardless if the mission is completed or not. The more progress you make in a multiplayer session, the more of these you receive, with successful mission completion awarding the most.

Note: On Missions where you are accompanied by a Reinforcement NPC such as Zhao Yun, this NPC will take up one of your recruitment slots. You will need to part with these NPCs in order to play with other players if there are not enough slots available. You can dismiss your allies by using the Willow Branch item in the inventory. Alternatively, you will be notified of a slot conflict when attempting to recruit players while all slots are full, allowing you to dismiss any NPC allies currently accompanying you.


PVP Modes

There is one option that allows you to engage in Player-versus-Player activities in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty via the Invade option in the Online Lobby menu of the Battle Flag. This feature is unlocked after completing the Main Mission "The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven".

Invading will transport you to another player's world with the goal of defeating them in combat. Success in this endeavor will award you with a large amount of Genuine QiAccolades and Tiger Seals, as well as other rewards. Being defeated will also award you these items but to a lesser degree.

Invasions are on by default, but for players who do not wish to be disrupted by enemy invaders during Missions, they can switch the option off through the game's Online Settings Menu.


Quick FAQs for Multiplayer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Is Crossplay available for Multiplayer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

  • Crossplay is not available between different platforms for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. However, players can play with other players on different versions of the same platform. Players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be able to play with each other. The same goes for players on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Simiarly, players on PC will only be able to pla with other players on PC.

Do I need to be online in order to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has various Online features that can make the game more enjoyable for certain players, but can otherwise be played Offline if you so choose.

Do I need a PlayStation Plus Subscription in order to play online on PlayStation?

  • A PlayStation Plus Subscription is required in order to access online features for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


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