Heaven's Reliance


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Base Attack 58
Attack Bonus
wood element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWood C-
fire element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxFire D-
earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxEarth N/A
metal element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxMetal E-
water element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWater N/A
Spirit Attack:
Spirit Attack (Guarding)
Spirit Defense(Guarding)
Deflect Difficulty:
Set Bonus Hero Beyond The Age

Heaven's Reliance is one of the Swords available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Heaven's Reliance is the sword Cao Cao proudly wields. It is emblazoned with a golden Vermillion Bird that indicates its owner's extraordinary military prowess. Swords strike a good balance between speed, damage and range. The Sword moveset offers a lot of more vertically-oriented slashes and forward thrusts compared to the other one-handed bladed weapons, reducing their effectiveness in situations where you are surrounded from multiple directions..


After his success in suppressing the Yellow Turbans, Cao Cao was made one of the Eight Colonels of the Western Garden and presented with this treasured sword by the Imperial Court. He went on to wield it as he fought with distinction against Dong Zhuo, and also used it to kill dozens of rebels when recruiting troops in Yang Province, thereby crushing their morale and suppressing the rebellion. The weapon's name pays homage to the House of Han as "Heaven" and implies the wielder is being relied upon as a loyal subject.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Heaven's Reliance Martial Arts

Heaven's Reliance has the following unique Martial Art that is only avaialble for Heaven's Reliance and cannot be found on any other Weapon:

Heaven's Reliance may also have one more Martial Art which is randomly chosen based on the Weapon Type


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Heaven's Reliance Special Effects

Heaven's Reliance grants the following fixed Special Effect:

  • None


How to get Heaven's Reliance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Heaven's Reliance can be obtained during the following Mission:


Heaven's Reliance Set Bonus in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Heaven's Reliance is part of the Unscrupulous Hero Set. Equipping Heaven's Reliance along with other pieces of the Unscrupulous Hero Set grants the following Set Bonuses:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Heaven's Reliance Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Heaven's Reliance go here.



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