Hero Beyond The Age is a Set Bonus in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Set Bonuses are special effects that are activated when a player equips multiple pieces of a matching Armor Set. Each Set Bonus requires the player to equip a certain number of items from the same set, such as two, four, or six pieces, in order to activate the bonus. Set Bonuses can provide a variety of advantages to players, such as increased HP, improved damage, reduced damage taken, or new abilities. Some sets may also offer bonuses that are specific to certain weapon types or playstyles, encouraging players to experiment with different gear combinations to find the best match for their playstyle.


Wo Long Hero Beyond The Age Armor Set and Bonuses

Players will acquire partial or full benefits of the Unscrupulous Hero Set depending on the amount of pieces they are currently wearing. The table below shows what Set Bonuses players can earn based on the number of pieces they equip on:


How to get Hero Beyond The Age in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Players can obtain Hero Beyond The Age by equipping the following Armor Set:

Unscrupulous Hero Set is a Heavy Armor made up of the of the following armor pieces:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Hero Beyond The Age Notes & Lore

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