Man of Benevolence Footwear

Medium Armor

man of benevolence footwear armor wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide 128px
Defense 136*
Physical Resistance 4.0%
Spirit Defense 26
wood element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWood 48
fire element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxFire 0
earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxEarth 0
metal element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxMetal 0
water element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWater 0
Weight 6.8
Armor Sets Man of Benevolence Set

Man of Benevolence Footwear are Leg Guards in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Man of Benevolence Footwear are a Leg guards worn by Liu Bei. Made out of high quality hempen leggings and footwear that emphasize functionality. Leg Guards are an armor piece that are worn by the player to protect the legs from damage. All Armor pieces can be used to mitigate incoming damage from Enemies. Armor pieces also change the character appearance.


They dry quickly and hold in heat, making them ideal for walking long distances. A standout creation of Liu Bei, who once sold sandals to make a living in his youth. His practice of benevolence, standing by those whose feet were suffering was lauded by historians as the "Style of Emperor Gaozu, the vessel of heroism."


Where to get Man of Benevolence Footwear in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Man of Benevolence Footwear can be obtained during the following Mission:



Wo Long Man of Benevolence Footwear Armor Set & Set Bonuses


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Man of Benevolence Footwear Special Effects

Man of Benevolence Footwear grants the following Special Effect regardless its rarity or level:

  • Random


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Man of Benevolence Footwear Notes & Lore

  • (*) The values correspond to the Leg Guards upgraded at level +7
  • Additional Notes & Lore for Man of Benevolence Footwear go here.


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