Unscrupulous Hero Greaves

Heavy Armor

unscrupulous hero greaves armor wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide 128px
Defense 49*
Physical Resistance 5.2%
Spirit Defense 33
wood element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWood 0
fire element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxFire 48
earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxEarth 0
metal element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxMetal 0
water element icon wo long wiki guide 28pxWater 0
Weight 10.7
Armor Sets Unscrupulous Hero Set

Unscrupulous Hero Greaves are Leg Guards in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Unscrupulous Hero Greaves are Cao Cao's favored set of traditional curved footwear and greaves. Decoration is minimal, with form prioritized over function Leg Guards are an armor piece that are worn by the player to protect the legs from damage. All Armor pieces can be used to mitigate incoming damage from Enemies. Armor pieces also change the character appearance.


The combination of leather materials in the lining give it a surprising amount of durability, protecting the legs when charging into the enemy's ranks on horseback. At a glance the design seems to prioritize comfort and ease of movement, but it is the durability through the unseen materials in the lining that have been key through the numerous trials Cao Cao has faced.


Where to get Unscrupulous Hero Greaves in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Unscrupulous Hero Greaves can be obtained during the following Mission:


Wo Long Unscrupulous Hero Greaves Armor Set & Set Bonuses


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Unscrupulous Hero Greaves Special Effects

Unscrupulous Hero Greaves grants the following Special Effect regardless its rarity or level:

  • Random


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Unscrupulous Hero Greaves Notes & Lore

  • (*) The values correspond to the Leg Guards upgraded at level ✮✮✮✮
  • Additional Notes & Lore for Unscrupulous Hero Greaves go here.


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