Sustain Break

Special Effect
Increases Sustain Break

Sustain Break is a ??? Special Effect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Sustain Break can be embedded into Melee Weapons and Head Armor. Special Effects can be found in Weapons, Armor and Accessories. Players are able to embed them into Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Armor, by interacting with Zhu Xia, the Blacksmith found at the Hidden Village. By doing so, players are granted different bonuses and can customize their Equipment to better fit their playstyle. 


Sustain Break Effects

Increases Sustain Break

  • Is Sustain Break a Jewelry Essence Special Effect? No.


Sustain Break embedded Equipment

Sustain Break can be embedded into Melee Weapons and Head Armor. Depending on the Rarity of the embedded item, its effects vary. The rarer the item, the better the bonus Sustain Break provides.

✮ - Common - ???
✮✮ - Rare - ???
✮✮✮ - Epic - ???
✮✮✮ - Legendary - ???
✮✮✮✮ - Mythic - ???


Equipment that grants Sustain Break

The following equipment has fixed Sustain Break


Sustain Break Notes & Tips.

  • Notes and tips go here...



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