Sea Split

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Raise your weapon up high, then forcefully swing it to the ground. Hold down the Arts button upon activation to build up energy. Its power increases according to the charge duration.
Cost 256spirit icon 1 wo long wiki guide

Sea Split is one of the Martial Arts available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Sea Split raises your weapon up high, then forcefully swings it to the ground.  Martial Arts are a type of skill used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses in combat. Martial Arts skills are found on Melee Weapons, with each weapon type having their own set of different skills. Each Weapon comes with at least one Martial Arts skill, with rarer weapons having up to two


Wo Long Sea Split Effect and Cost

  • Sea Split raises your weapon up high, then forcefully swings it to the ground. 
  • Using Sea Split costs: 256spirit icon 1 wo long wiki guide


How to get Sea Split in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Sea Split may appear randomly within the following Weapon Types:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Sea Split Notes & Trivia


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